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Monday, February 06, 2012

NHC Shouts Out to Subtropical Disturbance

They basically are shouting out it's a no go.... giving it only a Zero percent chance of development.

So, why are we bothering to talk on it?

Well... because it's a "shout out" of sorts and a "heads up" to the fact that it IS there. And, the fact that it IS there something to talk about.

It's not normal for us to be even looking at the NHC site in February without, let alone to be talking on the name of the first named tropical system of 2012.

Usually we get to April or May or even June before we remind people that the first named storm of the 2012 season will be Alberto. Not this year.

2012...the year of extreme weather in random places. A year when people in one place get sunburns sunbathing on ground that is usually covered with a frost or snow and people in other places are freezing to death.

300 people have died in Europe from the cold weather this winter, while people in the Carolinas mourn the loss of snow this winter and people in South Florida are dealing with tropical rain from a system sliding through the Florida Straits into the Bahamas.

February is the month of the year that people in Miami rarely ever see rain. It's the dry season, the beautiful season, the season when people plan outdoor weddings on the bay expecting blue skies and fair weather. Hmnnnnn... well let's hope this little system moves on out and doesn't get replaced by another one as we are having a wedding down on Old Culter Road out by the bay later this month and no one was thinking for a minute to even worry on the tropics........

Keep watching... it's been a strange year weather wise...for now, it's just something to talk about....

Besos Bobbi <--- song ;)


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