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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seaweed, Strawberries and the Hurricane Season

Is there a connection? Or is it just that time of year?

Every year around this time someone tries to connect the strawberry season, seaweed season or how many tourists there are on Lincoln Road to how busy the Hurricane Season will be in South Florida.

I kid you not.

Any real Miami kid will connect the number of times anything happens to what kind of hurricane season we might have....

I immediately played on Google and came up with the following.

"looks like seaweed will be bad this year ? [Archive] - 2CoolFishing › 2CoolFishing › TTMB
21 posts - 19 authors - May 10, 2011
[Archive] looks like seaweed will be bad this year ? ... someone told me that this means it will be a bad hurricane season because the churning"

Looks like . . . a lot of people think a like round these parts.

In 2006 people were worrying about the seaweed on beaches in Florida . . . it ended up being a semi-slow year for Florida, a slow year in general. Nothing to write home about, although I did go to the beach with my son when Ernesto played mind games with Miami.

To be honest, one of my first memories of Crandon Park was that it ALWAYS had tons of seaweed, more than any other beach and yet it shows up all the time in Top Ten Beautiful Beaches online.

Note this article was published by the Orlando paper about the Ft. Lauderdale beaches... perhaps hoping bored Disney goers will stay up there and not drive down to the South Florida beaches.. you never know, the tourist industry games are worse than Hunger Games.

Supposedly it has to do with an overgrowth of seaweed in the Sargasso Seed, that place that gave us Atlantis and eels and the Bermuda Triangle.

Something about immobile sea currents:

But, the tourists are having fun and enjoying the weather. My kids have not complained about anything except getting too much sun and looking for what to put on a sunburn. My kids in Miami who are celebrating Passover and the Beach. My kids in North Carolina are picking strawberries and looking for a petting zoo today, or a carousel or maybe a good Mall. A bit cold in NC to go to the beach and no one wants to drive that far :( I did the strawberry farm yesterday, am cooking Italian food for tonight and listening to Sting while I lie in bed and watch the TWC and write this blog.

Okay, some people pick strawberries and others take pictures of them. Almost everywhere I have lived they have grown strawberries. We have strawberries in our salad this Pesach, strawberry smoothies and strawberry slush. Considering my history with strawberries I cannot believe I went along. Then again... was a great photo op.

However, down on South Beach Schwarzenegger Jr is out using seaweed like a Frisbee tossing it around with his friends who don't seem to mind the slimy, invaders from the Sargasso Sea.

If you are up in Orlando today, like my best friend who is far away and busy with her family this Passover...and you are afraid of Seaweed.... note the smoke from the forest fires up there is intense according to TWC which I am sure she is watching. Central Florida is dealing with a new spate of forest fires that will not go out and keep lingering across the region due to dry conditions. Dare I suggest that an early Hurricane Season with some nice weak, wet Tropical Storms traveling across Central Florida might just finally put those fires out??

Anywhere you go this April you will have to deal with some sort of weather. Oklahoma had crazy hail the other day, the size of baseballs out near Woodward. Colorado may have snow next week. Fires in Florida and Staten Island, NY. Seaweed on the beach in 85 degree weather in Miami seems the lesser of two evils. Here in North Carolina... it's windy, really windy. Cold and windy.... but very sunny. All the Azalea blossoms are struggling to hold their ground as they dance wildly in the freezing, strong breeze. The Dogwoods lost that battle :( and am burning a lemon, tangerine candle while I put together tonight's Italian theme menu. Lots of fresh eggplants from the Farmers Market sauteed in olive oil over Spaghetti Squash and other vegetarian delights while we take a break from Brisket and Turkey dishes.

Ironically, while I was out at the Strawberry farm yesterday the guy was talking about the early growing season....which of course... being in Hurricane Country up here... he was actually wondering if that was a sign of an early Hurricane Season. Yup, all along the Hurricane Coast everyone is beginning to think on Hurricanes.

And, as the nice guy told me yesterday, it really doesn't depend on when the strawberries begin their season it's about what happens in May.... just like the hurricane season.

Until May we are all really just playing meteorological mind games with Hurricane Season.

Besos Bobbi ;)


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