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Monday, June 22, 2009

Andres.... I hate this list... old recycled list. 99 in Miami Beach, 100 in FLL

Meant Andres. Did I say Alma? Read an old diary entry from when I was a little girl and thought we were going to get Alma and we didn't and I felt so cheated and well.. interesting to see what I was thinking when I was a kid... I wanted a hurricane. Must have Alma on the brain. Sorry bout that. Ana in the Atlantic Basin will be the first name.

Not much changes I guess... tropically inspired ever since Donna I suppose.

Here's the map for the first epac system. Small chance something could form in the Bay of Campeche also known as BOC and if so it would just probably slide west. Could happen, time will tell.

Very hot in Miami... in Iowa and in Ottawa.. got kids calling in from all over the USA and Canada. 99 in Miami Beach just 2 blocks from the ocean and 100 in Ft. Lauderdale. Here's a view from the bank tower now working again after the bad rain storm a few weeks back put it out of commission. Back just in time. My son went swimming today at the Beach... didn't seem hot to him he said, he was .. in the water.. with friends, on vacation...

All the years in LA I never got to Baja, always wanted to go... supposed to be beautiful. Andres should miss it though they could get some weather.. enjoy the youtube video.

As for the train wreck in DC... bad accident, worse case scenario being rush hour and very hot there... those people who were injured need to get to the hospital and get water. Horrible accident, wondering why? Amazing more accidents don't happen ... the whole commuter train grid in this country is awesome and amazing and more people should take it and use cars less. Then again a lot of places don't have a good rail system. Watching CNN...resting and too tired to eat dinner. What's strange is that this feels more like a Santana Ana day in L.A. then it does seem like Miami. Very hot and windy, dry, very dry.


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