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Friday, October 20, 2023

Updated Noon. Tammy Upgraded to Hurricane. Tropics... October Brings Trick or Treats. Do We Get a Halloween Storm or is Tammy the End of the Road? Stay Tuned.

Moving WNW at 7 MPH

275 KM ESE of Martinique!



Cones look the same
except Hurricane Watch/Warnings added in

10 AM Blog below.
Same info just now upgraded to Hurricane

The cone has not changed much.
Game plan for Tammy is the same.

Tammy will have some impacts in the Islands. As always I say this and I'll repeat it again, a Tropical Storm (especially early in the season or late) has weather everywhere and while it's not a strong, well developed hurricane the weather can be intesnse and locally unpredictable. Elevation in the Islands creates the impact of flooding, flash flooding in some areas so you never laugh it off but this is not September 19th and there is no Major Hurricane anywhere to worry on today.  

There is an area in the Carib highlighted by the NHC with a 20% yellow circle for LONG RANGE development. Currently there is dry air moving down into the Gulf of Mexico, a stubborn Upper Level Low in the Caribbean helping to shear Tammy and interference from Norma in the Epac. Nothing is happening this weekend. Long range models take something on an island hopping trip tracing the coast of Central America dilly dallying around waiting for a front to dip down and maybe grab it and sling it out to sea. 

There's always an October Surprise in the world, a Halloween Trick or Treat or simply put a wild card as we move deeper into October and November is around the corner in the tropics. The Hurricane Season ends at the end of November officially. With every day we get closer to that end date, and yet often the tropics get a punctuation mark somewhere be it in the Caribbean or off the SE coast close in. 

So pay attention, stay tuned but the band is firing up for the theme song to be played, what is called in music an "outra" a concluding song, or a Coda that comes back and repeats a theme heard earlier when you thought the song was about to end and yet the music gets stronger for a brief punctuation to what is in effect the end of the Hurricane Season.

As always I'm waiting to see if we get a trick or a treat.

I'll update later today if anything unusual happens. 

Stay tuned....

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The tropics are a carousel of moist weather combined with atmospheric conditions that either kill development or enhance it. Stay tuned and see what happens. While you do, enjoy the weekend. We are blessed in America to have the joys of Fall and Autumn Leaves or a pumpkin scone. Pick your pleasure. Be grateful! Enjoy it...before the parade passes by.


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