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Monday, October 23, 2023

NHC Upgrades Red Area to TD21 Fast Before Landfall........... Hurricane Tammy Spinning You Know Where Maybe Hanging Around For a While. Maybe I'll Go to the Beach to See Tammy IF It Does that Hook Left?

Okay, we have TD 21d!
 Tammy doing what most 2023 storms do...

Let's begin with 21.
A nice rich number.
When I went online 22 hours ago I was sure.
It would get designated soon enough.
Pic from 22 hours ago....see?

Nice looking closed system.
What took them so long?

Oh I see this is playing catch up.
Name it before landfall....

Well that is just pitifull.
Trying to be kind here.
Earthnull looked better last night.

I'm going to be honest here. I want the OLD NHC back. You know the one that didn't want to upgrade what looked like a strong Tropical Storm be upgraded from tropical disturbance to tropical depression because they couldn't find a West Wind so put up a Special Tropical Disturbance Warning for Hispaniola that though it does have strong winds the circulation is not there yet but watch out for high wind and flash floods. I was sooooo annoyed they were so hard core about actually upgrading to Tropical Depression. Old saying, be careful what you wish they will upgrade anything ) I don't know if this is agenda driven or just the new normal (did they send Recon in or possibly a dive boat from the coast?) Oh my gosh. I can't believe I stopped watching MNF and Cable News with (IYKYK) for this ridiculous excuse for a Tropical Depression.  Really loved the NHC library, spent hours there researching, reading, writing, photocopying so much respect. Will 2023 Hurricane Season ever end? I want winter and snow or at least sea foam at the beach!

As for Tammy

Scribble Scrabble in the Atlantic.

Cone below.

If Miss Cleo was still alive....
I can hear her saying:
"I see a trip to the beach this Sunday for you!!"
Fingers crossed, hoping, wishing that happens.
I like Wilmington in the Off Season.
Maybe Myrtle Beach...???
I want a hamburger with tons of Israeli salads!

Cold air to the North (Aqua spotted clouds)
Hurricane Tammy definetly there.
Use a magnifying glass to find TD21
Tropical Waves going where Tammy went?
Does one break free?

Long Range Models.

Wow look at that system coming down
Tammy doesn't wanna go.
Small close in pop up pops up.
WOW look at that system coming down.
Cold fronts!

I have a Frost Alert for tonight in NC.
Yay ME!!!
I always love the first frost!
Weather happening.
I'd love to see Frost.
Get up early in the morning?

Let's look at the Mimic for Tammy.
A strong cold front is pushing down tonight.

Let's go back to late October 2022.
From a blog post I made shown below.
See the similarities.

Strong cold front same orientation.
Nicole trying to form with quirky models

Similar but different.
I wanna go to the beach and see waves.
Feel wind, see sea foam.
Never saw so much foam as in Nicole.

Last year at Wrightsville.

Awesome day to play.
Sukkos is over, Simchas Torah over... 
Could really use a day at the beach.
So... let's see what Tammy does.
Or what I do.

I'm going to go back to obsessing on other things.

sweet tropical dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather. Instagram whatever.

This song came to me just now, maybe my mind is extrapolating past Thanksgiving and then Chanukah and wondering what the world will be like down that not so tropical road. My son produced this video, for his friend and then client Benny Friedman whose great Aunt I lived by in NYC in Seminary. Ties that bind are amazing. My son sent me a text message asking where could he get like 1,000 tea lights fast lolol. Target?? Beautiful video and beautiful song and beautiful message. So going with that voice in my gut and will see what happens in the end days of the tropics and will we get to TD 22?? Probably...............


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