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Friday, September 22, 2023

Tropical Storm Ophelia Almost a Hurricane. Moving Onshore Slowly, Inland and Up the Way. Pay Attn to Last Minute Changes in Info from NHC NWS and Your Local Experts


70 MPH
5 MPH short of Hurricane strength EURO for Ophelia 3 PM tomorrow

Closer to me than NHC path.
It's the EURO
Time will tell.

NAM Saturday Morning!

Models kind of get funky.
Defiintely take the center INLAND for a change.
Not offshore.

This blog may sound foggy... an out of body experience.
God I love Weather!!
Was out today in the rain and the wind.
Watching ribbons of clouds darken the sky.
It's 64 Degrees Cool!

So I'll update Sunday or Saturday Night.
Follow the NHC
Pay attn to your local NWS
Follow who you follow.
Hope you get to enjoy a ...
...breezy, blustery day of weather.
I did.

Tell you the truth I was out for a while at the Falls River ... (really the Neuse River) Dam that has elevation and an incredible view of the sky, the river and the "falls" as well as the local blue egret and just felt the wind, blustery, beautiful and incredibly cool and fresh air. Drizzled some, the rain should start very soon in my area. This is a rare storm as usually they clip the Outer Banks, but this is moving East of the Cape and when that happens there's an issue with the flooding, tides and flow of the water in different directions. Later in the day I went to a funeral to help make the funeral with my husband, a sweet elderly pediatrician who moved here years back from Russia to freedom and who lived out her final years in a retirement home. A friend of hers called the Rabbi here and asked him to arrange the funeral, I figured I'd go help my husband and the cemetery in Raleigh is a beautiful place with wide open sky and a view of the clouds, ribbons of clouds sliding in across the area from the ocean a long 2 and a half hour drive ...sometimes 3 depending on traffic. 

Funerals can be inspiring, especially when you don't know the person well but get to hear sweet stories on a sweet person who made a difference in other people's lives.  So I listened, I watched the ribbons of clouds moving fast and felt the breeze. Visited a friend's grave that's covered by shells as they lived down by the beach at Emerald Hills. My dining room chairs are from Ella, as we'd sit and talk often at her table. 

I really had a good day, out and about where I could see the sky, the clouds, get rained on and feel the wind from Ophelia down by the coast moving in. Sorry can't give more info as my mind is all over the place and staring a the sky while there is still light in the sky, watching bands of rain, low clouds... this storm is going inland, that I know. Watched radar and loops.... pushing, swirling in and we will see how far the "center" gets inland but getting weather and I'm happy.

Just fricking happy. We will see what Ophelia does but you can either follow the Cone or follow the weather, you can either follow the center of the cone or follow your best model. No, it's not a hurricane with an eye flying over my house. But it's kicking up weather and wind and will see in the morning what we see.

So a bit high from the weather and a kick ass PSL Starbucks Frappe on the way home. And, throwing food in the oven that was prepared earlier and I'll blog later. Want to go out and enjoy it a bit as Ophelia flirts with Raleigh.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

No time for a song as I want to get some video before it gets dark.

Later :

Will talk about 90L Sunday....


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