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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Lee on the Move.... Margot Ignored. What'll Be With Nigel? Does It Stay Weak Get Further West or Just Follow the 2023 Program?


These are the facts!
Lee speeding up-moving N at 12 MPH.

Following the program.

Really what more can I say about Lee? Seems a life time ago it was a Cat 5 for a few hot hours before it unraveled back to a regular Major Hurricane, fighting hard to maintain that Major Cane status. Lee has been a fighter often despite slip sliding away and then picking itself up and pulling it together again. It has a bad history of that and so while it's easy to write off a "LANDFALL" and huge impacts I really cannot write that off so easily.  

Check Winslow Homer Bermuda out... 

It's currently battering Bermuda with beautiful waves, beach spray hitting the jagged dark rocks and looking like a Homer Winslow painting. Then it moves on up towards the borderlands between Maine and Canada, though you can almost always bet on it making landfall to the right of Maine but who knows what will be with Lee? And, either way the much publicized wide, large, gigantic wind field will cause problems for people far from the center that the NHC is tracking.

1. Wind problems far from the center of the track.
2. Wind causes hardwood trees to fall down and take out the electricity. 
3. Boat in the harbor need to be tended, moved or whatever people do there, lots of boats in Maine.
4. Summer is over, just in case you did not know... Lee was the exclamation point on Summer!
5. It's not going to be a big bad Major Hurricane but a high latitude messy weather maker.
6. Easy to say "short term impacts" but if it takes out your power it'll be a HUGE problem for you.
7. Ships will be rerouted that includes cruise ships... lots in the path of Lee so yeah that happened.

Margot out there being ignored.
Sorry Margot.
Nigel may be forming 90% red.
So far it's a Lee repeat. 
Bermuda watch out for Nigel.

Nigel to be is kind of a mess.
There's 2 huge exhaust plumes there.
Prob is it could get further West...
..if it has problems developing.
And stays together enough.
Not expected but wouldn't count it out.

As the sun comes up this morning....
Look at that long line going down SSW from Lee.

Really not much to say that I haven't said yet about Lee. Beware, be careful, stay safe.
Everyone hang in there and I'll update on Lee later as things progress today. 

I'm in a mood but working my way through it, so it's okay. I'm gonna cook some today for the coming High Holidays that are on the weekend this year ... it's a 2 day holiday. I'm making Apple Butter to use in two recipes ... making a bit of Brisket today so it can cool off and be sliced tomorrow. Adding bourbon to the apple butter, just saying.  Gonna do my thing, listen to music and YouTube stuff and watch the Twitter/X feed! Pineapple Upside Down Noodle Puddings (minis) and Apple Honey Rice Pudding in a pudding mood. Carrot Cake? Honey Cake? Honey Carrot Cake?? So many decisions.

My 2 younger daughters used to sing the song below nonstop over and over back in the day. They were so cute, they still are but sometimes in a mood I hear this song like I'm an annoyed 5 year old.. really is kind of iconic pop, the name was prophetic... 2012 the year of Sandy. I spent a lot of time in Miami that year, wondering if that's the year my son's friend drove his father's car into a palm tree and I spent a lot of time down there with the kids and the one who needed surgery ... but he's fine now. Maybe it was something else, I was there often in 2012... watched Sandy sail by before going back to NC. 

Sharp turn there... few blocks from where we lived.
Yeah... the trees look okay.. 
...ok maybe 1 is missing.
I digress.

"You're from the 70s but I'm a 90s bitch, I don't care" I love it, what a line. Gotta love that song for when you're in a mood and you don't care, I don't care :)  

Sweet Tropical Dreams or Snowy Dreams, 
Whatever rocks your boat!

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