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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

40% Orange Off FL Headed to Carolinas/VA OBX ?? MDR Area May Form....Timing Is Everything... Does Something Sneak Into the Caribbean? Where's Ophelia??


Late night post here, as NHC has been on "nothing new to see" mode of 30% off SE Coast and 70% in MDR I figured I'd take some time today to get things done as I'll be busy later this week.

Watching the area off my coast.
Subtropical or Tropical?
Weather for sure.

Wind Gusts possible.
Higher maybe.

Depends if it stays further E or wiggles West.

GFS Saturday AM

Friday HRRR

ICON Saturday AM

Short term NAM Midnight Fri/Sat 

Euro Sat AM skims the coastline.

Toss a coin?
You could be right....

Truth is home grown, coastal pop ups tend to pop up suddenly. This is what it's like in Raleigh waiting on a Winter Storm, only problem is the Winter Storm hasn't formed and it'll form pretty much on top of Raleigh so we never know for sure as we can't see it coming. It's not like a hurricane. This is not like a hurricane, this is some hurricane season low on the edge of a transitional time when mock Nor'easters are running the East Coast. 

This is radar over Miami.
It was crazy wild in Hollywood, FL today.
Kids call, complain... it's S FL

There isn't any Invest yet.
Nigel is up there spinning, looping.
MDR clusters of convection ...
Off East Coast there is an area...
...about to come off Florida.

Off Florida... E of Cape Kennedy.
You can see now off Daytona Beach.
The curvature.

2 forces come together.... make a possible Ophelia
IF NHC names it

Stay tuned.

Sometimes you need a day off.
A day to do a chore you've put off.
Today was that day.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... we may have Caribbean action near Cuba.
Crossing over Cuba?
Crawling along Cuba?
S FL will have to look down below...
Gonna get interesting soon.

All my favorite locations to play.... in the waves.


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