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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

11 PM Near Cat 3, Forecast to be Cat 4 At Landfall - Severe Storms Currently Across Parts of FL & GA Far From Eye

11 PM Update.

 Discussion says it should be Cat at Landfall

Moving fast at 18 MPH North

Outer bands lashing FL/GA Line
Lower band hitting SW FL with storms.
Massive Hurricane.
Core tight, small
TS winds wide area.
Cone basically same as 5 PM
...was nudged a drop W then.

If you are up tonight watching...
...there are hourly updates from NHC

Prayers for those in it's path... 

Gulf of Mexico...
...with Idalia taking up E GOM
Convection totally covering FL

Storms over Miami, FLL, WPB
Key West earlier.
Tampa and Orlando.


Cone shifted 20-25 Nautical Miles West.
What they will do at 11 ..we will see.

North at 16 MPH.
Moving faster.
Cat 2

My brother (large pic) sends this to me...
as my daughter (bottom pic) facetimes me.
From North Miami Beach to Hallendale.
Dark and Stormy

What do I think.........

I think that as Idalia is going to be going through Rapid Intensification tonight, if NHC forecast verifies it would be hard to see Idalia pushing out a Category 3 Hurricane and making a sharp turn at the same time. I think it goes mostly North and at some point pulls to the right and then goes NNE.

I think it'll be closer to Alligator Point (red dot)
Than Steinhatchee.
I could be wrong.
We all could be... 

This area is called the Nature Coast.
Small cities, marsh land
Pine forests.
Oak Hammocks.
Coast is very low...
...prone to flooding

I'll update at 8 with the new position and wind speed, cone will update at 11 PM. I begged people yesterday to prepare yesteday, not to wait until today as I knew today would have strong squalls far from the cente of Idalia and that's what happened. The strength of the squalls with severe weather today surprised some long time Mets, didn't really surprise me.

This is a video I made this morning.
On Twitter I said it'd slap Florida Hard.
Tampa, Miami, Florida Keys
As it moves North.
Not the EYE but the associated RAIN
East side loaded.

We will see what we see tomorrow.
IF it takes a track more to the left.
It stays inland longer.
There'll be Georgia impacts.
Not just along the coastline.
And, then the Carolinas get something.

It's possible if it comes out into the Atlantic fast.
And stays partially over water.
It would stay a Hurricane.

Stay tuned,... 
...more later.

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