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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Don Makes Hurricane! 95L Lacks Convection... I'd Say 95L is a Naked Swirl But Still Orange Circle... a Kind of See Thru Circle...........


First off...Don made Hurricane Status!
Congrats Don.
Moving Away.

As for 95L
Not doing as well.... down to 

40% in 2 days
50% in 7 days

That's not really a 40% orange in my mind.
But hey let's give it some time....

There's a ton of dust, SAL and it's late July not the best time to have high confidence in s a weak wave with barely any convection to it .....but who am I to argue with NHC. Let's see what they do tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend....will update with thoughts tomorrow I'm sure. Unless I go see Barbie...  Seriously not doing that tomorrow on a Sunday, seriously??

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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