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Thursday, June 08, 2023

Tropics Quiet. Weather: Smoke Squalls for NE NYC Carolinas... From Canadian Fires. Check Your Air Quality & Stay Safe... Bermuda High Setting Up?


It's like a "Gone Fishin" sign was put up!

The trough down near Florida.
Everything moving from SW to NE along it.
Shear means the basin is closed.
How long?
Will see...

Front is draped up near the Carolinas.
Where fronts go to die this time of year.

Storms over Texas... moving towards GOM.
This is like a perpetual set up here.
Must be watched for down the road....
Lows go towards lows, remember that
Nothing happening now tho..
Even my purple splotch map is quiet.
Maybe EPAC will pop?

And we are doing Smoke Weather on TWC.
Edging into our Tropical Updates... 
June is all about Fire Season now it seems.

To be honest they are doing a good job.
Someone's gotta.
Note fires are across Canada.
Quebec is impact the E Coast.
But it's way bigger than Quebec. Here's a link for the site above, it's a site you can use to discern various smoke issues. Some people trying to use ye olde click bait game are tagging this Smoke Cane.You can see why the mind goes there, but there is nothing like a hurricane. Everything on Planet Earth spins and that's good. Or you could just watch Cantore on TWC, he's doing a great job explaining it all as always. In any weather the man is awesome!!

So seems I'm going "Smoke Chasing" this week in Upstate NY .... again not Syracuse but Sullivan County... Upstate means to many NOT NYC. We'll see where we go but I have a funeral for  my mother-in-law on Friday in the Smoke Zone.  I don't know what to say. Yesterday I saw the Volcano in Hawaii has a Lava Flow going on now. Then I saw on the TV the Pope was in surgery, no I'm not Catholic but I kind of like the guy from Argentina. What next? Probably a bad question...right? Well, it IS Hurricane Season, at some point something will pop. The GFS "Always Ready to Party" always has a hurricane on the last day of the run; the carrot gets pulled a little bit further down the road every day. 

What is interesting here is that there's a second little Low in the Atlantic, showing us a tropical wave riding along under the huge High Pressure area. And, oh WOW it shows the Bermuda High in place suddenly!!  That's new!!! When watching models like the GFS you don't just look to see if there's a bona fida named storm in the Gulf of Mexico, you look at the evolution of the over all tropics. That would be interesting, I gotta tell you that much. The GOM has been the place to look of late on the models. Though pop ups always happen.

That's it. You gotta do what you gotta do and I gotta go to the funeral. That's not exactly Faulkner prose, but it is what it is.

I'll update from the road on Twitter and Instagram. IF anything happens in the TROPICS I'll update the blog. 

Taking Faulkner with me today I think, we'll see.  We'll see what we see. Prayers for Canada and hope things get better down wind in the US. If you have health problems or respiratory issues becareful and just wait it out as much as possible. In order to check your air quality you can go to this site shown below. Note your Weather App will probably tell you, but hey the government has a site so try it out. Let's be honest, Aunt Martha is going to call you and tell you not to go out...if you have a family like mine!

Put in your Zipcode or City.

My daughter lives there, near the funeral.
Try it out, see what you got.
If you live in Miami, don't gloat!

Also know that there is no noticable logic, it depends on the atmosphere (always) so Philly might be better than DC and NY. Yesterday saw "smoke squalls" moving through NY where it went from bad to worse fast in real technicolor red! So never assume, check before you go out if you have asthma or some other respiratory issue. License to chill inside!

So that's it. Gotta go!
I'll be updating on Twitter.
Come along for the ride.......

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

Love this song........


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