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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Tropics Quiet. Shear everywhere. SAL & Smoke Hovering .... But It's Only a Matter of Time. Fine Tune Your Hurricane Prep Plans Now...


Hello from Smokey Carolinas... 

Tropics are quiet today in the Atlantic! Yellow Circle by N Africa is at Zero Percent, it's a system but not getting a name it seems. Moving on, there's a new, huge, colorful wave departing Africa but it's got a very unfriendly environment ahead of it. Dry air from SAL, heavy shear and strong winds moving from West to East at about 27N to 30N pretty much shutting down the basin. Add in smoke from Canadian Wild Fires and the atmopshere along the East Coast is fairly dry, lazy, hazy and gritty. The Bermuda High is trying to get established but fronts are still flowing down towards Florida and then slip, sliding away in the Atlantic.

Monsoon season in South Florida is in sway and in full bloom. Tampa has it's usual summer Summertime pattern of Thunderstorms.

Nice wave... small, low.
Has a bit of that look....
...but look it's June 7th still.....

Note the bright red in the Great Lakes...
(like an evil grin)

North Atlantic bathed in smoke from fires.
East Atlantic colored in with SAL.

This image further enhances the negatives that exist.
Red means shear... a NO go for lift off.
Just takes up a good chunk of the basin.

I do so love maps.
Probably how I got into Weather.
Cold front off the S FL coast... 
..tropical waves below.
2 in EPAC ominously quiet.

Even the ever this graphic is fairly low energy.
Long range for entertainment purposes only.

Old fashioned Weather Map..

(small elongated high...trying near Islands)

Bottom line this is not conducive to tropical development. We always watch, things evolve and sometimes condition change faster than models indicate... especially common with shear which is hard to nail down forecast wise as it's a moving target. That's it weather wise, below is more personal weather.

I'll be on the road soon for my mother-in-law's funeral in what people call Upstate NY which is really North of the city up in the mountains. Geography misperceptions abound in funny ways. You really have to wonder how Pennsylvannia lost that chunk that should belong to them.

I love geography. I love maps. I loved my mother-in-law! When you get remarried when you are older (not 22 years old) and you've been through a marriage, children, a crazy life sometimes in the eye of a hurricane both media wise and otherwise there's less internal pressure to be accepted or worry on being liked and you're a bit less judgemental and more mellow. You're also understanding of how hard it is to be a mother and how rarely the kids appreciate you until you are gone. I appreciated Zinnia from the moment I  met her, came to really adore her so it's hard to say goodbye yet do we ever really say goodbye? Yes, I'm in a mood, thinking.... computer in my brain always running, an old boyfriend told me there were layers of my brain that resembled an onion and when you peeled one away there was another and another. I'll trust his thoughts, he was very smart.

I have kids who do appreciate me, just being clear though pretty sure they also think I'm a bit crazy. Scribbled numbers on any paper handy when the new advisory came out... wondering if teachers asked why that test I signed had numerical notes...hmm. I mean when your mother has been on TV talking weather, up all night online while making dinner, signing tests and doing what needs to be done ... luckily I've always been good at multitasking. We won't even begin to go into how they meet a business associate who exclaims, "you're mother is BobbiStorm!! Wow!!" And, we won't even talk about what it was like for my kids to go to certain movies and come home and just stare at me with some comment we won't post here.

So I'll be around online, but a bit distracted. If anything pops up y'all be the first to know. I'll be Tweeting and doing my thing. Blogs will be short, in theory, especially as there's nothing going on and because I'll be busy with family and seeing my daughter in NY as well and her little boy. 

That's it.
Much to think on though not in a tropical way.

Stay tuned!
Fine tune your Hurricane Plans, you may really need them this year.
It's got quirky vibes written all over it.

And, I'll leave a Tweet here from @icyclone on Twitter who knows Category 5 Hurricanes intimately.

Nothing like hurricanes.

Stay tuned...enjoy the quiet.
Careful of the smoke if it's hovering over you.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter mosty weather and Instagram whatever.


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