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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tropical Atlantic Quiet - Time to Find a Hurricane Kit Online or Make Your Own. Do It Now ! Won't Stay Quiet Forever... Supplies Sell Out Fast When It's Busy!


Not even a purple splotch let alone a lemon circle!
Saharan Dust and Dry Air everywhere.
Small gray pocket is an African Wave...
...but it's got a long way to go.
It's gonna run out of gas soon.
Gas = warm, moist air with low shear and no SAL.

Two things note worthy. Not even a purple splotch in the Atlantic as we are in a very quiet mode currently. Secondly, note the water is warming up closer in around Florida and the Bahamas as it's been extremely hot there and wet. Rainy season storms that seem sometmes stronger than tropical storms and high temperatures in the feels like 100 range. My brother's car temperature when he gets in is hot enough to cook leftover pizza if he leaves it on the dashboard for an hour or so it would be hot like it came out of a pizza oven. Seriously not the best time to come to Miami if you want to get a suntan. Lot's of moments of sun, but you'll probably spend most your time grabbing everything on the sand and running for your life from a wild thunderstorm! Which thankfully, for the locals, breaks the heat a bit.

Welcome to the Tropics.... 

Not making money from any of these.
But it's a good place to start.
If you are a visual person.

Never actually looked these up before.
As I do it by rote.... ya know..
In NC my kit works for Winter Weather and Canes.

This is a kit sold online with 72 hours worth of food.
Meals for evacuation or hunkering down.
Remember it's a good guide to make your own.
Google it while it's quiet in the tropics!

Remember all kits should include:
Battery operated radio and extra batteries for the radio.
Flashlights with lots of batteries.
Matches and even better lighters.
Handheld Can Opener.
OTC meds from First Aid to Advil because you will have a headache.
Stomach OTC meds for stomachache...stress related.
Beer, Coca Cola pick your need along with water.
Food for the kiddies or the pets.
Every person has their own priority. My mother's was chocolate...
Paper products, this is not the time to worry on recycling... 

This works! I have one.
Good for the car if evacuating.
Good to hunker down with if you're staying.
Can crank it up by hand or batteries.
Has an emegency blinker too I believe.
Will charge a phone but you'll crank often.
They make bigger more expensive ones.
But this works well & being RED easy to find!

If it's all too new to you and you have the money look online at the kits for "Hurricanes" especially and read the reviews. You know the drill. But either way, hurricane season is here whether you want to worry on tropical weather or not... we are moving deeper into the season each day. Shop when there is no rush, no shortages and Publix is not sold out of every thing you need. 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram weather and whatever!
Good to be home back in NC.

No songs today.
Going to let you see and hear a hurricane.
So many people new to Florida and Texas.
Good to see what you're up against.

Turn the lights off.
Play this with the sound up high.
These are the sounds of a hurricane...

Reed Timmer.... times you can hear the roar of the wind.


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