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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Yellow Circle 10% Sunday Morning. An Interesting Atlantic. Lots of Convection in the EPAC. Could Something Form This Week?

Surface Trough and Upper Level Low.
We've been watching this area for days.
When the NHC puts out the 8 AM at 8:15 AM.
You can bet money there's a yellow circle going up.
Or a huge discussion on it ...a  10% yellow circle.

Sunrise over the Atlantic.
Our area we're watching looks impressive.
Looks can be deceiving ....
...but that's some look.

Earthnull shows an attempt at organization.
Mimic shows a bit of a spin.

It's being lifted North likely... maker, surf maker.

Weather far from center of whatever.

And, a look at the ITCZ by the EPAC...
...shows deep clusters of convection.

This image below from the water vapor really shows the system off well. It's huge and it's fairly well rooted in the atmosphere as we've watched it for days in an area common for spin in late May off the East Coast. Note while it's connected to what's above it that will yank it's chain the area off of Mexico in the Pacific is ripe with possibilities that could lead to namedd storms in the EPAC. 

Just your early pre-season reminder from Mother Nature that the calendar is about to flip soon into Meteorological Summer and with that flip officially starts the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Eastern Pacific begins May 15th so we are officially on the clock there.

Have a nice weekend, that weekend before Memorial Day when everyone feels compelled to hit the road or stay home avoiding traffic and crowds at the beach. something you need for Hurricane Supplies when buying condiments for hot dogs and hamburgers that you might need if a Hurricane decides to hit the tropical road in the not so distant future.

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