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Friday, November 11, 2022

Nicole's Legacy Tidewater Tornado Watch SC NC VA -Tornado Warnings Here All Morning... Will Continue into Tonight! StayAlert! Pay Attn to Weather Warnings!!


Nicole is not alive but still kicking!
Red circle points to her "center"
Not the long band thru NC
That's her dangerous weather.

Raining heavy here as I type.

Can barely type let alone tweet.
Warnings coming in hot and heavy.
You can see the moisture feed below.
All those deep oranges...warm tropical air.
To our West clashing with it is cold, dry air.
A perfect set up for severe weather.
Tornadoes, Hail, Thunder. Wind.

Tidewater Weather Day.
Google Tidewater.
History Georgraphy Map person here.

Images today tell more than I can tell in a thousand words and honestly I can type fast but want to pay attention to the weather and look around to see what's happening. Note the huge cloud shield (so to speak) from Nicole's remnants. Her heart is down over the Atlanta area but the whole Piedmont (especially where it meets the Tidewater area) in Carolinas and Virginia is deailng with nonstop training storms from that bright orange band from Nicole and it's endlessly pumping up into the area. Not truly "dangerous" unless a tornado warned storm sets up over you. And, I'll add they are popping up fast and moving faster so danger is a moving target. One just popped up to my East and the rain picked up and the wind is blowing more as the area moves away from me. Then again one can pop up South of me or SW of me and come screaming through my area.  Oh and this ALL moves up the coast but talk on that later when the weather calms down and after I see what we have beyond my bedroom window......

view from my window...
leaves leaving from the wind.
my maple tree....

It's a perfect set up for severe weather that ironically may carry more wind than many that witnessed Nicole's landfall had and so I'm going off. 

Loving the weather but got to tell you ... I really, really, really need some Winter Weather. I'm at that point where I'm watching for cooler temps and not saying Hurricane Season is over I'm just saying I'm craving winter weather.

Love ya all... thanks for all the interactions!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

This song popped in my head. I'll go with it and not over think it though sure some will do that :)


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