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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

IAN Crossing Florida. Watches & Warnings Go Up the Coast for Ian Part 2 JAX - Savannah - Charleston - Myrtle Beach Carolinas in the Cone Again!


11 PM Cone for Ian 

This is the NRL (Navy) Cone for Ian.
It works off of the NHC cone...
...has larger wind field areas.

Ian is part of a complex set up.
It's over Florida currently.
An odd looking area of convection offshore?
There are warnings up for Myrtle Beach.

Tropical Storm Warning!
And several days of strong weather.

It makes sense that after Ian did Sanibel Island, Orlando and crosses what used to be the Sunshine State it wants to do Charleston and Myrtle Beach; it obviously checked out the tourist brochures before it began this ardous journey. 

And this is the rain forecast from Ian after Florida.
A true rainmaker.

It's very common for a Florida Hurricane moving NE across Florida to make a second landfall in Savannah, Charleston or further up the coast near Myrtle Beach and the NC state line. St. Marys Georgia, impacted horribly by Irma, also has surge warnings up! Inland across SC and NC and even near the TN line if some models are right they will have a mix of tropical weather and cool fall air clashing! Savannah actually gets hit more often from the backside than from the Atlantic side!

So it's not over til it's over. 

The clean up across Florida will be immense.

It will take an army of linemen to get the power back on. In Cuba the power is not on yet in most places. 

An interesting loop for the image below is here, enjoy it. 

There's a lot going on here.
Ian isn't done with us yet!

Stay tuned.
Prayers for people in Florida... 

Time to prepare if you live in the Cone for Ian.
The next Cone, Part 2 of US Landfalls.

Hope you have sweet dreams,
Get some rest.
It's not over yet.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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