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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Tropics Slow But Tropical Wave Don't Know That - Could Lightning Strike Off Carolinas Again? Do You Wear Sunscreen? Just Do It! Or Stay Inside Outta the Sun!


Officially nothing to watch.
Nothing in 5 days it says.
But that's not true because....
...we always watch!

Small purple splotch in the Atlantic.
What's up with that?
It's a wave, a stubborn wave.

A wave that doesn't want to be ignored.
Way South of the Saharan Dust.

You can see the ripe, round fullness of the wave.
Defying the dry, dust.

That's what we call a Long Shot and I'm sure all of us at one time or another have bet money on a long shot or dated someone we were sure wasn't going to work out. So if I had to say there was a long shot this would be it. Note, sometimes they flare up later if they can keep their convection around them and stay together long enough. Dabuh has written books online in Tweets on how these sort of waves do their sneaky thing.

3 areas I'd keep in mind, despite the lack of model support currently!

1. The Wave that's waving!
2. Deep convection down in Caribbean always worth watching.
3. That front draped across the South... firing off salvos daily into the Atlantic. 
    Kind of a reverse African Wave Train... one strong system after another.
   That's how Colin got his name and lost his name.  Lightning can strike there twice.

Absolutely love maps, especially weather maps.
Fronts ...Troughs hanging over the Gulf Stream.
Water is warmest there always.
Worth remembering it can happen....
...something pops up.

Meanwhile I'm caught between dreaming on a cold front and dreaming on tropical weather. I hate hot weather and trying to wait out the feels like 105 degree weather and wishing it was cool, slightly windy and even a bit gray would work for me today. I grew up in bright sunshine, all the time even in the winter. 

This brings us to another subject I don't like dealing with but should and that is sunscreen.

Mike has a new sponsor and that's a sunscreen company out of Ormond Beach, a place near and dear to my heart so how could I not buy some with the Savings code MVP25 where you will get a discount and show them the power of the people who follow Mike as he talks on Tropical Weather and other sorts of weather depending on the season. They are going to be sponsoring his logo/site on a car at NASCAR and if you know Mike like I know Mike you know he LOVES NASCAR! Okay I do too, but not as much as my youngest son who really understands the intricate mathematics of teams and scoring on NASCAR.

Growing up in Miami we really didn't wear sunscreen unless we went to the Beach and guys were involved and we'd put sunscreen on eachother ;) Seriously, Miami kids are less about the beach and more about the pool! Or about taking a boat out in the bay to a sandbar and parying. 

My mother who had olive skin and dark hair grew up in Miami and she had problems with skin cancer in her older years. That really bugged her, becasue she has olive skin not strawberry blonde coloring and you'd think she'd be used to the sun. She also grew roses and spent hours out in the sun. 

I have very fair skin with supposedly olive undertones though they are hard to see. I've been told I have an Auburn Hair complexion and I always had some reddish hairs stuck in my black hair when I was young that would shine in the sunshine giving annoying cute boys something to tease me on. Perhaps my one saving grace is I love make up and have worn foundation since I was in highschool, early highschool. If I wore nothing I wore tons of foundation and I've been told while it could clog up the skin it also was a bit of a help in the Florida rays of the sun. I also like nighttime over sunshine and I like AC over hot, humid air so I'm not exactly an outdoorsy person unless there's a storm and then I'm there before you can blink.  Hopefully that helps me a bit. It always bugged my mother that she was "dark skin" and tanned even darker that she had skin cancer issues, yet my father who was fair and never worse sunscreen (trust me) didn't! She loved him and all, but it seemed unfair that she was a size 5 and he was rather heavy and she had high blood pressure and he had low blood pressure. It just kind of goes against the general way we think on skin cancer and high blook pressure.

So why am I throwing Mother under the bus? Because it's a lesson y'all need to learn. Just because you have olive skin doesn't mean you can't have problems with your skin. Same goes with high blood pressure as sometimes a chubby, easy going person has low blood pressure and his thin but shapely wife has to take meds for blood pressure!  She wouldn't be thrilled I was showing this picture, but if it helps to show that you can have olive skin and still have skin cancer problems or just unsightly dark splotches you need to cover with lots of concealer (my Aunt did that, but she didn't get skin cancer and she was lighter than my mother)

MyHeritage says I'm almost 6% Jewish Persian.
My bet is Momma ;) had those genes!
What do you think?
Use Sunscreen no matter where your genes come from!
Or foundation with sunscreen in it! Love History on websites, don't you? 

I heard a rumor this is the person who created Hawaiian Tropics Suncreen and I always loved that so it's an even better win win and I love images of Cuba so I bought some. Will I wear it? Maybe. Perhaps. Hope it comes before I have to go to Miami next week.... pretty please send it fast!! Either way, Mike has always supported me in numerous ways and I love returning that favor with a good discount!

And, the story (that I did not know previously) of how the company was founded on a $500 loan and sold for a frigging fortune is very inspiring. 

So buy some sunscreen!
It's gonna be hot, hot, hot this summer.
Hurricanes will happen.
Dought buster hurricanes will happen.
Til then if you are outside.... 
...use sunscreen!
Don't think you can't get burned on a cloudy day.
And know storms can develop even unexpected!

Keep watching those waves..........
... and those afternoon tstorms in the Carolinas!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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