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Friday, July 08, 2022

Quiet Today. Won't Last Forever. Mother Nature Hates a Vaccum! Purple Possibilities. Drunk Monkeys Get a Car at NASCAR. Laughter is the Best Medicine and Good Revenge.


NHC says nothing for 5 days.

There are various ways of looking at what is not a two dimensional world. Water Vapor imagery shows there is moisture out there, but it's being suppressed ... kept quiet, with a lack of anything spinning or even trying to spin currently. But the water vapor image above shows moisture being held in check. The Mimic below shows a similar environment and where there is moisture suppression can only last so long. Mother Nature abhors a vaccum and I've seen set ups such as this go from dead to "oh my goodness" so it makes me a bit nervous in a foreboding sort of way. I'd say enjoy the quiet time, but when it's in the high 90s in Raleigh and "feels like" 109 no one enjoys that sort of quiet time. 

When you start at 50 West you notice there is really a lot of moisture (orange, golds) out there for something to work with should something try to spin up. Also what is a problem is during summers such as this one the water heats up fast, especially close in to the very hot land!

Look at those water temps.
Close in .... so hot, it's not good.
Anything that gets in those waters....
...once SAL dies down as it always does.
Can spin up fast, strong and things can go wrong.

It's dry because SAL is like a vaccum cleaner.
It sucks up the moisture.
It parties in July and gets weaker in August.
September Remember........

Currently we still have frontal boundaries.
This is for a few days from now.
A Low forms off the East Coast.
Old dead, decaying frontal boundary ... 
This is a Colin set up repeating.
If it happens.

And, my purple splotch map shows it.
A Westbound wave....
...SW Caribbean.
All the players that try to make a move in July.

Use sunscreen.
Drink water.
Lots of HEAT warnings.
Excessive HEAT!
Not any old heat!!

So while it is quiet today, when it's supposed to be, it won't stay quiet for long. Everything is a process in science and especially meteorology. For that matter everything is a process for geology, if a fault goes quiet too long many geologists will watch it more carefully, knowing it can't stay long forever. 

Water heating up with the crazy high temperatures that Summer always brings one way or the other. SAL tries to choke every drop of moisture out of the Atlantic that it can. Think of it like Jabba the Hut, hungry for more, more and more moisture until it can't drink anymore

Easy to blame MJO, which is popular these days, but in the old days we just blamed SAL and CLIMO that taught us that except for surprise spin ups close to land, the Atlantic is not ready yet! The old rhyme is alive this year and again this year seems to be like an "old fashioned hurricane season" and it's hard to explain what that means. Not a lot of fast start ups that can't get going and we track them endlessly waiting to see models verify, but more old school like and those seasons bring mean, strong storms once the MJO changes, the SAL dies out and waters warm up warmer than they even need for big hurricanes to spin up.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

On a personal level I was up late last night as some WhatsApp group I follow told me that the Shinzo Abe was shot, was assasinated while he was giving a speech for an election. When you think of Japan, you don't think of mass murderers shooting up schools or playgrounds and you don't think of some guy who apparently worked in their NAVY making his own gun and using it to kill a man who seemed to advocate for peace and cooperation with any American President who would listen and who worked with leaders from India to Japan. A home made gun. Just was so sudden and surprising and so I went online to YouTube and the guy who is fast with current news was live even before it made the headlines.

It's a new world we live in, yet Mother Nature lives by it's own rules. 
YouTubers online before major News sites post a headline on social media and a WhatsApp Group big in the upstate New York area has live breaking videos shown a good 20 minutes before I find them on Twitter. Go figure. 

It's sad. Baby Boomers don't like assassination stories, we kind of have post traumatic stress on that one.

But when I think of the 1960s I think of an old fashioned Hurricane Season as well as a decade that took too many leaders away from us.

Isn't it funny we can remember the 1960s as a good time, or a bad time. It's kind of like the Roaring 20s, everyone remembers them as fun, roaring good fun yet they didn't really get going til 1925 and in 1926 Mother Nature slammed Florida with a Category 4 Hurricane trying to throw cold water on the Miami Land Boom before The Depression could take all the money out of the economy and drop us deep into the 1930s where Mother Nature did it again with the Labor Day Hurricane. 

That Cat came back.

In a mood.

Listen want to end this with an upbeat story if you are still reading so stay with me here.

A few years back, some on air meteorologist took a slap at Mike showing his much loved Spaghetti Models and referring to him as a Drunk Monkey. I mean everyone knew it was Mike from Spaghetti Models he talks about as he talks on going out for drinks or having a pool party with drinks and he is actually sponsored now by ABC Liquor Stores. She could have just given the weather forecast, but she took up most of her alloted time by taking a swat at Mike. She's not at that channel anymore. Mike, who studied marketing in college, took the ball and ran with it turning lemons into pink lemonade with a shot of Jack Daniels in it! 

This is really the best way to be in life. Don't get angry, don't bitch, don't complain just get even by doing your thing. And, Mike who has loved NASCAR FOREVER now has his Drunk Monkey on a car on Saturday at NASCAR where he will be posing with his Drunk Monkey Logo as the laughter goes on and on. It's kind of really cool and a great lesson in life. People would rather hang out with, drink a beer with or go camping with someone who knows how to laugh rather than someone who scowls, complains and acts out rather than just going with the flow, laughing things off and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and if you like liquor throw some in, if not ... don't. But whatever you do, do it with a passion and do it with love and laughter and you will be more successful than otherwise. 

Stay tuned!
Get your hurricane supplies together.
Make a plan for Hurricane Season.
Crank up the AC and know that in at least some parts of the South... the excessive heat can't last forever. 

Much Love, 
Thanks for letting me keep it real here.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... the Covid is officially gone though that little cough lives on. Have things to do before the next trip South.... down where the heat stays hot most of the year but we run our AC at 68 degrees! Honestly, really.... and there's a breeze off of Biscayne Bay!


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