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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Another Wave Leaves Africa... Bites the Dust in the MDR... SAL in Charge. Quiet Time... Time to Put Aside Hurricane Supplies!


A new wave leaves Africa....

... moving into a very hostile atmosphere!

Dusty SAL in charge.

Severe weather center stage in the USA today!

That's very green and green is not good. 

Truth is there is currently nothing happening in the tropics. SAL runs rampant in July, every new wave takes a bite out of it and juices up the atmosphere! It's feels like 104 degrees in Raleigh currently and I'm hiding inside. I do not like hot weather! And, I am recuperating from being sick so laying low and trying to take it easy. That means I'm going through things, organizing and drinking a lot of cold tea! 

I could sing that "buy hurricane supplies now" song, but you know all the words and I'm resting my voice so I don't cough! Seriously, just do it. If nothing else, make a plan where you would go IF you need to leave town. I'm not going to belittle the point!

Make a plan, put together hurricane supplies. In time you will look back and forget there was a quiet week in July during the 2022 Hurricane Season!

Stay cool! Unless you like hot weather. Why do you like hot weather I wonder? 

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