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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Tropical Development On Hold... Invest 93L Still Partying Over Land.. Convection Remains. Possibilities Still There. SAL in Place over MDR. Buy Baby Wipes For Hurricane Supplies! Really!!


Sometimes I read too much into a single picture.
No, I don't see a developing hurricane ... relax and bear with me a bit.

Our yellow X with diminishing chances of development seems to have looked around and may be taking out a short term lease. It's over land, it doesn't seem to know the plan on how to develop, or perhaps it doesn't want to develop no matter how many models spin off possibilities for it down the road.

Another wave approaching the Caribbean is about to crash into South America or perhaps at the last minute pull North enough to cruise past Trinidad and sneak into the Caribbean the way the previous wave did to it's NW.  A long, thin decaying frontal boundary is off the East Coast nad if there was a way it would try to develop at the tail of that said front but the front is so lethargic and tired it's not very interested. Over my Africa, if you blow the picture up you will see Tropical Wave that is literally looking out across the really, dry atmosphere where the moisture warden the HUGE HIGH PRESSURE and Saharan Dust is ready for it to suck all the moisture out of it.  

June too soon this year?

Down the road you see this double barreled High Pressure anchored over the Southern USA. You know the saying about the best offense being a good defense? Currently, there is a "DEAD END" sign up and the High is blocking nicely from tropical threats to the South. Sometimes that set up actually helps a system to the South of it develop, incubate ...however until it moves it will not allow anything to move to the North. Cam Newton would have loved a line that protected him that much! But I digress, SAL rules in June! High Pressure is temporarily clamped down across the hot, humid South. 

Red/Orange/Gold is a NO GO ZONE!

Yes I see our wave.
It may make it to the Yucatan but then what?
Note the SAL in the BOC shutting that area down.

There it is.... an area we are watching in the SW Carib.
Looks better here than it is...
An old front with a small ball at the end. (hmnn)
Broken clouds on the right half...dry, dusty atmosphere.

Unless something changes.......
... and it could but until then nothing is really happening.
Models hallucinating maybe from the heat??

Go shopping!
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The state of the tropics today will not remain much longer.
Shop now and find good deals.

Buy what you ask?
Baby Wipes.

But you don't have a baby?
Buy them anyway!!

After Hurricane Andrew we had no water in Miami. Well, we had Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean (4 blocks from my house) and the Miami River but no running water.  I did have several babies, toddlers and we had lots of baby wipes and we used them for washing things, counters, hands, just about anything we might have used the good ole running water for....... 

Sweet Tropical Dreams 
Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Til the Huge High budges (please Dear God make it go away) it'll be hot, hot, hot in the South and a good part of the country.  Run the AC, drink cold drinks, take lots of showers and wait it out. As always things change weather wise... song link if it doesn't load!


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