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Thursday, January 06, 2022

Winter Storm Moves Across the Country Impacting Appalachia & East Coast! Winter in Charge This Week! 2021 Hurricane Season in the Rear View Mirror on Satellite Imagery.

A winter storm is raging. forecast for Friday above!

Coatal Low forms... front swoops up the coast.

Later today this little Low forms off the Florida coast.
Late Friday... it explodes.

Weather is a process.
One weather system hooks up with another one.
Then you have one huge winter storm!

Again the top picture is the result.
Showing it again.....
Check out the geographic area it impacts!

Winter taking hold finally as we travel meteorologically through January. You know that song... "put on your Easter Bonnet!" this month you should put on your gloves, scarves, a hat if you got it and keep the Winter Coat handy! Yes, clothes under the coat usually work well... but just saying what you layer on top matters. 

After a bit of a holiday, snow and ice make a come back big time.  I don't want to be politically incorrect but "Baby, it's cold outside!" to quote another song.

It's winter. No hurricanes on our side of the world and I'm enjoying all that comes with a Carolina winter. Lots of blue skies and sunshine despite cool temperatures and then at night when the sun sets the temperature dives down fast and the fire place creates an warm glow of "winter time" that I missed greatly growing up in Miami. I love Miami, but this is nice and the older I get the less I like 365 days of hot weather. Just being honest. And, there is always the "chance" that snow will fall at some time whether it was in the forecast or not. 

So I'm sipping hot coffee with a bit of cocoa in it this morning and savoring the winter time moments and hoping and praying that we get a "real winter storm" much the way I do tend to hope we get a "real hurricane" to track and study.  And, yes I've chased weather and hurricanes and I've had hurricanes chase me but I've yet to see a real Ice Storm. I've seen mini kind of Ice Storms with a light glazing here but not a real one and yes I know if I do I probably won't want to go through that again but hey we all have our own wants, desires and things we feel passionately about and I feel passionately about weather!

Love ya all... stay safe, stay warm and stay away from Omicron if you can but I bet you can't.. it's like sunshine, it shows up after a while even if you have had stormy days.  Omicron hits like a fast summer storm but generally it goes away as fast as it came. Not always, but generally!

Below is a long 15 minute loop that Mike put up on his Facebook, it's a good look at HOW the Hurricane Season comes together over time................every single year! Variations in track and storm intensity yes and you get to 4 minutes in when Elsa continually tries to come together and stay together before you would know there were 4 named storms before it... because if they weren't tagged with names you wouldn't realize they were named storms. But watch how the tropics heat up... how the ITCZ keeps trying to pull together and hold together, early waves come off of Africa. The Gulf of Mexico shows up and storms move towards it like a magnet sniffing out friendly territory to develop into monster hurricanes. And, one by one systems moved up the East Coast on land or just offshore yet when Ida did the same thing and it somehow seemed a surprise. It wasn't a suprise and  many online were screaming it was going to cause flooding as Camille had far inland, as it approached the Atlantic yet the media acted as if it was a total surprise.  Again how the media conveys the threat that is there is important and it's dangers were missed even though the NWS and NHC warned of the danger!

Good loop even if you fast forward, though you may miss a few weak "shortie" storms as Landsea called them so maybe relax, get a drink of some kind and watch the 2021 Hurricane Season from the beginning to the end and remember the beginning is often wedged into the end...or however that saying goes!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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