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Friday, January 07, 2022

What Does a Tropical Weather Person Do in January? Winter Storm Dropping Snow on NE. Hurricane History


One hell of a cold front.
Note tropical moisture from Pacific.
Mixes it up with the Front.
Dips down like a ruby necklace...
Swings up to the NE... 
...stretches to Key West and Cuba.

Gotta love January.
It warms up and pisses you off........
....or delivers epic winter storms.
By the way this is not the Epic one...
3rd Week of January may be Epic.
Stay tuned.

Looks a bit like a Chupacabra... 
That snow creature has legs!!

My daughter's posting snow pics on Instagram
She makes art out of anything....
...and she loves weather.
Those chairs are pretty high off the ground.
Monsey NY area... they get deep snow.

Until Hurricane Season gets closer...
Until it snows in Raleigh again what do I do?
Other than stalk my kids on Instagram??

Yes, there's lots of things I do when it's January and Hurricane Season is far away. I follow earthquakes, especially in near by South Carolina. Is that some fracking thing or is some ancient trouble maker fault line  coming alive? This is also interesting as in 1886 SC had a serious hurricane AND an earthquake. Check out Charleston History on this topic, something to think on if you are tropically bored.  Jamaica has had that happen as well over time, somewhere some geologist who loves meteorology is always trying to find the connection. 

Seriously I'll Google hurricanes always........ first thought, connect the dots!

That brings us to the next diversion I have...
... reading, cooking, history.

Apparently this chef/author's books have it all!

I started following him on Twitter a while back, not sure why but probably the history angle of cooking and he covers the South and Kosher topics so why not? While bored and hungry the other day I decided I am ordering one of his books and came across one that he wrote on RICE as it's a popular dish in my family and in the South in general, although we do many things with rice from rice pudding to creole and gumbo to Indian or Persian dishes and so why not read up on the history of rice by someone who is obviously a historian who covers many topics! My family's rice dish is Yellow Rice as my grandma was raised in Tampa near Ybor City so she makes it Cuban Creole Style. Tampa has that mix historically as many who worked in Tampa in the Cigar business also had family in New Orleans; my Grandma insisted on adding green peas and pimentos personally. My son @srulycooks puts up recipes and pics of his version of my version of my grandma's Yellow Rice all the time!

Of course, he mentioned a 1911 Hurricane in a "sample" of the book that took out the Carolina Gold rice crop and I, of course, had to immediately Google that and yes it did, but it's worth mentioning that more recently Laura and Delta both impacted the rice harvest as well. Rice was an amazing crop on various levels as it made money in years that the hurricanes did not blow it all away, as well as feeding locals who didn't have money for steak or prime rib way before the Dollar Menu and Burger King. (Always odd what I capitalize. Yes I do have a degree in English with Honors... but it's my blog so I use a bit of Literary License for emphasis sometimes) I ordered that book supposedly it's coming tomorrow so maybe in time for Shabos reading while I'm offline on Saturday. Can't wait!!

If you have never had Carolina Gold....'re missing a treat.

I'm particular with my rice addiction.
When Sushi comes with regular rice........'s really annoying.
Sushi Rice is for Sushi! 

That said, check him out ...

So what do you do when it's not hurricane season? Jim Williams goes through his data base, crunches numbers and studies hurricane history and statistics. What do people at the NHC do? Some probably debate playing Dungeons and Dragons but who really knows? Research, read Google and listen to good music!

Funny thing about who I follow on Twitter. Did I mention Genealogy into the "diversions" ???  I realized several of the "cousins" on Ancestry linked to their interests or websites. Several were meteorologists and quite a few are vocal on politics. I love meteorology and I do have a degree in International Relations so this was intersesting to me. I figured maybe I could perceive some common thread in my genetic make up. My Great Grandfather who lived in Tampa would sit on the front porch looking out on Tampa Bay watching thunderstorms build, so it may be in the blood? Though some are very out there politically so Liberals ask me why I follow some hard right Conservative and Conservaties ask why I follow that Liberal and so know I do it because it's a genealogical experiement ;) 

Have a blessed, beautiful weekend. If you get Omicron... drink, stay hydrated, sleep and let it leave your system. I've stopped counting kids or grandkids who had it recently it just is what it is and it's way weaker than the original so let's hope it keeps on weakening in strength. 

Pray for snow in Raleigh soon so I don't lose my mind and anything you buy for a possible snow storm (other than the eggs and read in the Carolinas) can be used for Hurricane Season so keep those stashes of batteries, candles, Dollar Store LED Lamps, tuna, peanut butter and what not. 

If you are still reading this you must be a die hard fan as there are no hurricanes this week. Sorry if I have a typo, baking Challah and the Banana Cake is baked and enticing me so I may frost it FAST! (See literary license........) And, yes I am in a silly mood today, let's hope it lasts!

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Intagram

Ps I love Pawley's Island in South Carolina so much that while watching the Live Concert/Debut of Kanye's last production when the Church was on fire in the middle of the stage all I could think of was the Church in the marsh in the Low Country at Pawley's. My youngest son is a huge Kanye fan... he decorated his hat for graduation to look like Graduation CD. We all have things we love and that's good be it music, geography, history or cooking... find something you love and enjoy it. My advice for 2022! 

Check out Tanya Ackerman on Instagram
No one does it better than her!

Pawley's after Hurricane Isaac

Bonus for anyone who is still reading...


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