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Monday, January 10, 2022

Carolina Snow Storm? Models Promise YES! But Will Models Do a Lucy and Pull the Football Away? Magazines, YouTube and Dreams of Snow!


Models, tantalizing, teasing... promising.
So often it's like Lucy and the football...

Living here in this part of the Carolinas we often see these wild models and then Mother Nature pulls the football away and well it's not pretty for snow lovers round here when a promised snow storm is wrenched away. Greensboro gets the snow or it shoots off down towards the coast. But so far models keep coming in slightly exciting. I don't let myself get excited until we are closer in and I can see the NAM, because until I can see the NAM I consider it's long range. I want this storm.

This system would be so impressive.........
...if it verifies.

It's kind of like during hurricane season when you don't want to be in the 5 day cone, because then the cone fades away and wiggles out of reach. Every model has a point where it pulls the ball away, then on the next run it's there again and the closer you get in time the details seem more believable.

This is why I stayed in NC, a place where I can do tropical weather and enjoy a good snow storm if the stars align properly. A real storm with the local weather talking on it, friends and neighbors asking eachother what they think as if they all have a PHD in METEOROLOGY! Everyone has an opinion and everyone rushes to the store to buy bread and milk (it can stay cold outside if the power goes out) and eggs, lots of eggs. I've been hording eggs this week in hopes of being ahead of the game. 

I want to hightlight YouTube sites this winter, and so leaving this video here. He's nice, easy to listen to and he explains things well.

I've watched a lot of videos.
If only the storm delivers......

It doesn't take much to make me happy, excited and waiting like a child to see if St. Nick will really bring snow!  

But unlike hurricanes that form far out at sea and lumber towards land with advisories every six or three hours.............Carolina snow storms form as they cross the state line often and then they either go poof or explode. Very different storms from the start to the finish. Hurricanes are easy to predict and forecast, Carolina Winter Storms are very difficult to lock in. And, yet is it really locked in or is this an illusion?

I sat up last night with a cup of tea trying to get sleepy enough to fall back to sleep. Snowflakes danced in my head and I counted every snow storm I've been here since I moved here 14 years ago. Out State, an incredible magazine, has a fantastic article enumerating the many different types of Winter Storms we have had over the months when Winter storms delivered. I was here in 2010, I remember it well and smiled at the thought that I've lived here long enough to have been through a few epic winter weather events.

2015 was fun!
Okay vase broke.
Miami girl didn't see that coming......
... more snow fell but it's a pretty picture! It was a snow lovers delight to stare at the pictures, check out the winter recipes (including Snow Cream) and to help focus and channel my energy into the reality that we could get a Winter Storm (please, please, please) as the last two years here have been puny, paltry systems that did not materialize and barely a dozen discernable flakes fell from the sky. But, after the recent 3 hour snow fall we had that did nto stick, I take that as a promise of more to come later this winter.  

I love this magazine.

What do you love?

Hurricanes are months and months away and today I'm dreaming on a winter storm with frozen P types, any type of frozen P Types but to actually see branches covered in snow, trees outlined in white...that would be a true delight!

Stay tuned.

Sweet Winter Dreams, 
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

change Colorado to Carolina ;)


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