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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Where's Wanda? Is Winter Coming Early? Cold Fronts March Across the Country. Tropics Quiet.


Look at those cold weather clouds off the East Coast.
The frontal passage cooled down the Atlantic close in...
One front, two fronts, another front out of view out West.

Late night post. I should be cleaning but I don't want to... can clean tomorrow. Watched my two football teams lose badly in the last part of the game and as always I believe that if you can fight back in the last few minutes you should be able to play that way early on and put the game away, but Panthers and the Dolphins... To be clear, I'm a Panther fan... living and breathing in the Carolinas these days, but today for some reason the Fins got to play in London. And, I wonder was this a reward or a punishment? Why would you have two of the worst teams this season get to go on a field trip during a Plague? Punishment or reward and if a reward a reward for what?  That's my rant. As for the tropics, keep reading. Rant first on a Sunday night then let's talk tropics.

Wintry looking satellite image.

Nothing in the tropics tonight.

It's sooo boring Mike's taking to clowning...

he does know how to get our attention :)

Why is it so quiet? Well not much to work with... This is like playing poker and you don't get so much as two cards that match nor do you get anything to work with that makes you feel even a bit flushy. I mean nothing, nada and I can quote every tropical forecaster who talked on how busy October and November would be this year. Okay, we aren't into November yet so the jury is out there.

I've seen a season shut down when a volcano blew it's top and blew tons of ash and smoke and all those poisonous chemicals into atmosphere and I remember a year back when some volcano blew (not as bad as this one) and everything came to a grinding halt.

This has been the worst forecast for a hurricane season I can remember in a long time. Yes, Ida was "oh my gosh and she was disasterous upon landfall and upon exiting back into the Atlantic. Larry and Sam huge Ace makers for the Ace people but thankfully way out at sea and a whole bunch of "shortie" storms that barely lasted more than 36 hours that got named. Elsa and Fred memorable and messy. Pattern of dumping flooding rains in the Mid Atlantic and NE from exiting tropical systems was set in stone this year.

And what is up with the Caribbean? Not much. Yes, something may form ...something probably will form but we are setting up for a frontal passage every so many days and reinforcing cold fronts on the way. 

La Nina yes, October hurricanes no.

A big question for those who research this to see what the big game changer was... 

I type this from under my cover in Raleigh with the window open and the AC hasn't come on once all day, not even for a few minutes. I wore leggings, a short skirt and cowboy boots today when out for a bit. Absolutely love it. Oh, a long sleeve V neck, of course... so nice to be able to wear my cowboy boots. So sick of hot, humid weather and thrilled that there are cooler days and cold nights. Not feeling very tropical, I know.

So where's Wanda?

Does Wanda form?

Maybe we can use the name up with some sort of wayward, wavy, messy November storm?

People are staring at long range maps and trends wondering if we will have a White Christmas. And, Chanukah comes very early this year (just after Thanksgiving) and I've often noticed that weather connects well to the holidays on the Jewish (lunar) calendar that often come early when winter comes early. My very unscientific method of watching weather, but seen it happen over and over.  

The models have missed something and that's something to think on when the first real winter storms begin to show up on models, will the models be right or wrong or will it all evolve in real time with some surprising punch. And, will the Polar Vortex show up or stay in isolation hiding? Everyone is talking...

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... have a friend that insists something will form even if the long range models don't see it.

Love a dress with shimmies............


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Jay Schwartz said...

Wind spouts little to the conversation, and the rain has always been fickle. Mother Nature is not who she would appear to be. Hell hath no fury like a weather girl scorned.


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