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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Quiet Tropics Today. Tampa Bay Hurricane 100 Year Anniversary Coming Up Soon. It Formed in an Area Where We're Currently Watching as It's Where October Storms Form...


Short blog today with nothing much to say on the current quiet state of the tropics, but a lot to say on a historic anniversary coming up this week. A hundred years ago, a Category 4 Hurricane slammed into Tarpon Springs and the Tampa Bay area. Tampa can get hit but rarely does and usually does get slammed in late October. There's a mystique that they somehow avoid hurricanes making a direct landfall, Jacksonsville feels that way also, and yes while they both get side swiped sometimes, suffer some flooding they usually are lucky and get to watch them sail away to some other destination. In 1921 Tampa's luck ran out and they had quite the mess to clean up and a short term set back to the Florida Land Boom, but they did snap back. Their short term monetary loss was Miami's gain as the money went there and Miami boomed while Tampa tried to get back into the game as fast as they could.

Fast forward today and Tampa is a world class city with universities, tourist attractions and two sports teams that recently snagged the Super Bowl and the last World Series. Miami has to be a bit envious there and to be honest Tampa has hanging moss and more of a taste of the seasons than Miami does so if you wanna move down South .... remember Tampa is thriving! And, yet until the hurricane season is over they will every October look down to the South and make sure there is nothing forming down there.

The NWS out of Tampa is tweeting on this historical hurricane anniversary this week, so check them out and while at it you may want to do some research on Tampa Bay Hurricane History.

And, yes we are all watching the Caribbean to see if something, somehow can try and form or perhaps close in near Cuba or the Florida Straits, but if it does it will most likely be snagged by the next cold front as cold fronts are all the rage these days!

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