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Monday, September 20, 2021

Peter Rose and Sam in the Wings. Remnants of Nicholas Still Bringing Rain to Some Places... The Rain Doesn't Want to Go Away BUT a Cold Front is on the Way!

From Zoom Earth below showing all the players.

Monday morning in the tropics. According to the NHC forecasts both Peter and Rose are going out to sea not a problem for us.  Invest 98L has now been tagged, it's the next wave that rolled off of Africa that has had a very healthy signature on satellite imagery. Currently, 98L has 70% chances in the next five days for development. When it gets across the Atlantic will it continue the trend set by Odette, Peter and Rose or will it be a trail blazer? Too soon to tell is the answer, but we have a lot of time to monitor it and watch how models change down the road. 

I'm not going to talk on the Cones for Peter and Rose unless they threaten land. For now it's good to know the pattern is to protect us and not threaten us with landfalls. Ida has left many people from the Gulf Coast to the New England, and many places in between, shell shocked and trying to put normal back together again.

You don't need a tropical storm for heavy rain.
Remnants of Nicholas and frontal systems reign.

Am I sure Peter isn't going to Charleston?
We are pretty sure.
The reason being cold fronts shown below.

This does not mean Sam won't try and visit.
So always watch in real time!

Again why are we not worried on Peter and Rose? Note the cold front making it down into Florida. It will pick up whatever is there and take it away out to sea (that being Peter as Rose is far out in the Eastern Atlantic trackwise).  From this angle cold fronts protect the SE and Florida coastline. Unfortunately, if something forms in the Caribbean it would in contrast suck that system up and bring it towards Florida and landfall. Luckily, currently we have no systems down there to worry on. They usually show up closer to October, so keep that in mind and stay prepared and vigilant!

That's it for me today. I'm going to be offline until Wednesday evening for a Jewish Holiday that everyone says isn't a harvest festival but in ways it is as we sit outside, eat harvest like bounty and give thanks for what we have and the evidence of the seasons changing is very obviously unless you are in Miami where it's hot and humid. 

It is common to have nasty weather during an equinox and we have the Fall Equinox on Wednesday. Whether the weather is here yet or not, we are now moving into Autumn so go enjoy it in whatever way makes you happy!

Be well! Be Happy!!
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