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Monday, September 21, 2020

UPDATED 11 PM... PAULETTE BACK FROM THE DEAD---------------- WATER vs WIND the Problem With Beta. New Week With the Same Tropical issues. Area Near Florida?? Teddy N Bound. Where Are Those Westbound Waves?

11 PM NHC...

Breaking News while Beta inches towards the coast.

Teddy rips up the East Coast from so far away.

Paulette. Azores/Portugal.

What more can I say. Apparently Paulette is back NHC seems fascinated this year with Portugal ya know? Common we have storms pop up near the Azores. Often storms regenerate once in the ocean, Ivan did once back in the water but this Portugal storyline is getting strange. So add that into your bag of "guess what happened in 2020?"   Season far from over so buckle up your seat belts and pay attention. 

From the NHC...that's what they said.



10 PM

2 points tonight.

1... the weak front across Florida could produce a system.

2. Paulette may be back as a Subtropical.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update.

5 PM basically said it was inching towards the coast.
A lot of that going on this year so far.
Beta so far...

Beta is doing that thing they do...
...and looking better closer in.
In South Florida ...there have been crazy rains.
Strong tropical like weather.
Rarely does my brother complain ever.

It doesn't look that bad.
He said the car was shaking like crazy.


Keep this image in mind today.
First when looking at the NHC grid.
Next when thinking long term.
Link at the end to a video I put up on Twitter.
It explains this a bit more.

Re: Beta

Again never believe early odd models.
Or early odd Cones.
This is logical.
It's a weak 50 MPH storm.
But it's kicking up WEATHER.
PUSHING WATER everywhere.
So another TS water problem.

Let's be aware that depending on where the "center" of Beta is it's obvious a good part of her will be over water and that means it will continue to pump up rain in a similar but different way to Harvey and Allison and this is a typical Houston issue not to ignore the rest of Texas and Louisiana's issues. This is BETA and it's 2020 and we will have high water rise, flooding from rain and a pier has already broken apart in Galveston. 

As for Teddy he is going away.
But his waves will propulagate towards the E Coast.
Riptides. Some flooding. Storng winds.
Again a water issue.. add in the wind.
Pushing the waves towards the shore.
So along the East coast.... 
...actually Florida North be very careful.
It's a time to walk the beach and take pictures.
Not swimming.

So let's go back to that picture up above.
Because I want to talk about it.

We are transitioning in the tropics.
We have moved into the next stage in Hurricane Season.
Close in development from frontal boundaries.
Gryes in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.
The Atlantic was ripped apart by Paulette and Teddy.
Waves are still rolling off of Africa but not as strong.

While there are more waves...........'s not the same as it was.
This is what I put in the Tweet below.
Please listen. 
Goal for today is to figure out why Twitter 
and Blogger don't work together since the upgrade.
And to pay my Sephora bill :)
I have low expectations for today.

The water in the Caribbean is red hot.
The progression of cold fronts changes the game.
As they settle down draped into the Caribbean.
Yellow Circles pop up. Storms explode.
They head North and NE towards the EGOM

We are at that point in the season.
Just accept it.
And each point in the road has it's own issues.
A Major Hurricane in the Carib could happen.
Something close in near Florida begins.
From Tampa to Jax people look South.
And beg for those cold fronts put push into Florida.

In Raleigh and it's beautifully cooler.
And I'm reminded constantly...
...the seasons they be a changing.

Feel free to check the NHC site out.
For names.
Next name up is Gamma.

If you were not in a sorority...
..and didn't study Greek.
You may need to check out this list.

It is what it is.
Deal with it.
You may get hit by Delta.
Hopefully not Kappa.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Nice room go figure.....


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