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Monday, June 15, 2020

Updated! NHC Says Spot of the Day to Watch Too! - Off Coast of Carolinas. Nothing Official Was Expected for 5 Days. But Who Knows? Watching Loops. Thanking Mike Who is Awesome at Spaghetti Models & Enjoying the Rain & Temps in Raleigh

This area has now been upgraded to 10% Yellow.
Small chance of something happening.
As I said definitely was the spot to watch.
And that's why it's good to read my blog.
I don't go out on huge shaky limbs...
...this looks beautiful on Earthnull.
And kicking up the weather on the coast.

This is the area in the Tropics I'm watching today.
It's closed off on Earthnull.
Weather is there and will ramp up soon.
And it's an area that already produced a named storm.
Again there is no system expected currently.
NHC has nothing up.
But I'm watching.
So this is my Spot of the Day I'm watching.

Okay for beginners here I refer you to this link from the NHC, because when there is no Yellow Circle up anywhere you can see in real time what may end up becoming a Yellow Circle. Words matter and they ramp up their wordage discussing different areas in the tropics being watched that do not have a Yellow Circle but may down the road.

I also want to preface today that many critics of the NHC complain there is no consistency on what they upgrade or name and it's random from system to system. As Cranky complains when they name a "thunderstorm" that is barely there for 12 hours and I'll add they seem to ignore systems that are there, where models went wild then dropped them and yet the models were onto something. They are very model drive these days and unless a model crowns an area, a preferrred model they seem to ignore it like an old sleepy hound sleeping on the front porch or a hyper terrier. Sorry to Terriers they are adorable but well ya know... and the NHC is awesome because they warn us and give people the ability to evacuate and prepare but it's these little pesky systems that they seem inconsistent with so just saying it as it is and noting that here.

There's a set up going on that is pulling up huge amounts of Tropical Moisture from deep in the Tropics and funneling it straight up towards Florida and the Carolinas. Offshore Florida and the Bahamas (mentioned in that link above) are getting weather from deep down in the Caribbean. Reminds me of Matthew and Sandy sort of scenarios and again give thanks it's June (too soon) not August, Septemeber or October or we would have real tropical trouble.

As for Africa the waves are coming off higher and higher with each new wave cycle and the SAL while there is usually there in July, so we seem to be running ahead of Climo this year. Water isn't the right temperature but when the set up is ripe, we will see early Invests in the Atlantic. Ripe because that's what this is all about... when the fruit is ripe or the set up ripe with possibilities. 

  hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

This awesome water vapor loop allows you to be able to turn it in different directions to see where moisture is coming from and what steering currents still far away will impact it down the road. It's my Crystal Ball and gotta thank Mike because he put it on his as Bobbi's Water Vapor and that's sweet of him. He's one of the most loyal, honest people I know who tells it like it is and that's rare in today's world. He's incredible.

Link in the middle there.
His site is jam packed with links you might miss.

And for my wierd thought of the day.
Below you see this area by South America is also back.
Patterns that repeat are important.

Doesn't South America look like Venus rising from the Sea?

I'll be back, especially if NHC changes anything.
Til then enjoying the cool weather and 
know that this is the year of "BOOM"
Out of seemingly nowhere something happens.
So why not expect the unexpected?

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

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