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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Arthur Waves Bye For Now...... No Name Cut Off Low Refuses to Go. What's Next In the Tropics?

Our Low of the Hour.
The No Name Cut Off Low 

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Boxy sort of look there.
ITCZ Westbound train from Africa at the bottom.
Vertical Tropical Express from Pacific...
...up to that pesky Cut Off Low
Arthur flaring red in the cool waters of the ocean.
And all the moisture sheared off to Ireland.
EPAC would be one to watch soon.
And something could pop... but today I'm watching.

Some post Arthur discussion here and a look at the weather warnings today associated with the Cut Off Low that stayed home when Arthur took off for cooler waters.

What else is next is what you are wondering I bet? A few possibilities, though nothing screams except the GFS once in a while. Last night it cooked up 3 Lows, THREE as if they were doing some Drive By Happy Birthday Party for the Atlantic. All the other models stayed home. This morning it's still showing some action but it has calmed down and pretty sure someone gave it some sedatives last night so it slept well and may be back to normal soon. You can loop if you want but it's a long range model remember that.

As for today's WEATHER issues today.
Is the eye of our Cut Off Low 

Note they will put up warnings later today.
When the thunderstorms pop over South Dade.
When Florida lights up like a Christmas tree.
Then more warnings go up.

Follow Phil Ferro !!

Always watch your local weather people.
In Miami I watch them all.
But Phil to me is the best.
He's really a good guy.
And a very good meteorologist.

Problem with the NWS is....... issues watches and warnings in real time.
Check your weather sources regularly.
If it's raining by you for 2 or 3 days.
Someone, somewhere is gonna flood.
Especially if elevation is a problem.
2 locations highlighted.
In Raleigh we are expecting rain for 3 days.
My lights were flickering this morning.
Last night someone lost power for hours.
Not as messy as a hurricane but...
... if your power is out or your home flooded.
It's important and memorable.

As for Arthur he is gone...
Gone for now.
Maybe might loop back.
Arthur has always been a fighter.
A light weight maybe but...
...always a contender.

The NHC has stuck with this scenario for a while now.
So that's it for today.
But I wanna add something here........
Because I like y'all!

Knowledge is Power.
I say that all the time here.

Being clear here I stole this from some online annoying advertisement that pops up nonstop using Covid-19 to either gain my trust or sell me something. Don't you hate when companies do that? I mean it's not enough that we are dealing with a pandemic, we are wearing masks or trying to stay socially distant from others while giving them cute winks or waves and moving fast to get what we need at the market hoping our favorite cut of steak is gonna be there and we look down at our Twitter Feed and some company is using Covid-19 to sell us something or tell us something we don't need. I was half asleep when I thought this... I thought it was about dating someone. Nah, it's about some update for your computer. And, trust me this is important if you are doing online dating these days instead of the real stuff. And, I'm not knocking online dating it has it's "benefits" and no I am not trying to sell you a mutual or stock or anything just saying he can be fun. But I'm tired of people using Covid-19 to sell you something or remind you that they are there. Trust me, JCP was going nowhere and the first place I'm going when I go to the Mall is BELK and Barnes and Noble, they don't need to remind me they are waiting for me.


See what I mean. Stay up to date. Says it all doesn't it?

So leaving you with some thoughts from Dabuh who is entertaining; he's smart, he's wise and he is so good my son follows him more than me and my son isn't even a surfer!

Now I'm gonna think on the Bermuda Triangle.
And the Continents of Mu and Atlantis.
My little ADD mind is going everywhere.

So stay well, stay safe.
Stay up to date!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... on the Instagram there is often make up, food and family.
Or sharing weather info from me and my friends.
Just so you know.


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