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Friday, May 08, 2020

40 Years Since MSH Blew Sky High. Winter Delivers Snow in Spring. Hurricane Season Edges Closer. A Look Back at Hurricane Matthew.

Remember Matthew?
So photogenic.....
No there's nothing tropical going on today.
But we will come back to Matthew later......

This is our world today.

Once again there's severe weather in the SE.
An old frontal boundary in the Atlantic.
Existent moisture down by the Yucatan.
And another front you can't see yet is on the way.

Odd times huh?

We are having a late date with Winter.
Winter in May is all the rage ...

The Polar Vortex was late to the party.
So we are having blasts of winter.......
....but still no blizzards for Philly.

You can follow Cranky on Twitter.
He does an incredible job illustrating....
...and explaining the weather.
Kind of like words and maps. 

3 days of a forecast is all I'll trust these days.
The last day shows the story for now...

Sunday ... Mother's Day.
One thing we all have in common.
We all had a mother.
A mother of some sort......
...but we didn't get here without a mother.
Florida will be a wash out it seems.
Chicago also has weather issues.
But Arthur seems to be hiding in the wings.
Sipping coffee and smiling...
...waiting to take his turn.

So let's look at the tropics today.
This comment is noteworthy.
Wetter across the tropics.

The subtropics and tropics are juicing up.
And snow is falling way up North.
Mother Nature seems divided on what she's up to...
Time will tell.

The above is a sign of a stronger hurricane season.
Of course once Winter departs.

My daughters in NY both asked me
"so this cold front thing is gonna really happen?"
"It could snow?"
Basically just said "yeah"

Moving on to Geology...
Geology History to be specific.

Where were you 40 years ago?
Do you remember?
Perhaps you were still in your last lifetime... 

Remember that as per our forecasts for 2020...
...the Caribbean looks to be a hot place to be this year.
Less shear there forecast so could we see this type of track..
..earlier in the hurricane season?

Remember Hurricane Matthew?

Decided to talk on Hurricane Matthew today as it's one of my favorite hurricanes to study as there were so many stages and faces of Matthew that it's hard to decide which part of Matthew to study. Your typical late in the season "oh my God" type of Caribbean monster that found it's way out of the Caribbean heading towards the Cuba, Haiti, Florida and then the Carolinas creating a beautiful track map and a multitude of memories depending on your point of perspective.

One of my FAVORITE images.
Look at that wild, well defined EYE.
And it's memorable caboose that stayed attacked.
Despite predictions it would wane...
It remained.
At times it looked as if a 2nd eye would pop out.

Despite predictions that the coast of South America...
...would help Matthew fall apart.
It remained strong, intense and the same.

Colorful really.
Almost looks like a lopsided butterfly here..

Then it moved towards Cuba...
Mostly avoided Haiti.
Tho rains did their damage still.

And then the trail of tears began.
And fear....... oh my goodness the fear.
Friends in Miami were sure they were in trouble.
Despite some momentary street flooding.
Miami dodged a bullet and the kids went to the ocean.
Because that's what Miami kids do...
..and watched it head North.

Matthew did that peek a boo track Dorian did.
Though to be honest it had huge Florida impacts.
Especially in Northern Florida.
The NHC can debate where the center of the eye was..
..but parts of the eye were over Cape Kennedy.
Flooding in Jacksonville.

No....that never happened.

Despite predictions it did careen into South Carolina...
Kind of like a train you couldn't stop......
And despite the odd tracks the NHC put out...
Matthew did not loop back.
It's forward momentum made it a player into Virginia.

Really Matthew was impressive.

Again the track........

Sometimes we get these tracks earlier in the Season.
But it's a hurricane to remember today.
In a few days I'll show similar early season storms..
..with similar tracks.

Every year is different.
As we see this year.

I began 2020 really organized.
I had calendars, bullet journals.
I was sure I was going to be on top of it...
Then 2020 became the Year of Covid..
or more commonly known as:
"What day is today??"

My mother-in-law had a favorite saying.
Man plans, God laughs.
Okay she was German Jewish.. 
A disclaimer... 
But it's a saying.

You really don't know.....
...what you don't know.
And in January we were excited......
By March we were exhausted.
This is where we are today....
..and what we are tracking.

This is where we are today.
I'm sending birthday cards with presents... kids I would normally travel to visit.
My friends are making Zoom Bar Mitzvahs.

Drive by visits from friends.
Still setting a beautiful table for the family.

Life goes on and we evolve.
We wait for the new normal.
To find out what normal will be again.
But for now...this is normal.
Zoom weddings and birthdays.
We find ways to show our love.
Getting a mask in the mail says love.

In New York they are close to something.
What I'm not sure but they are doing better.
My favorite Sushi Shop in Crown Heights is open.
Yes... we have sushi platters from the bakery.

By the way they make great Challah and cookies...
...but any bakery can make those treats.
How many can make sushi rolls?

Limited hours but people don't care.
Many people these days are happy for what they have...
...and are finding ways to making do and being happy.

Some friends have gone out to a restaurant again.
Others are still getting take out.
Others are baking bread again.

We are a wide diverse nation.
Some places the virus is raging.
Other places it's barely been seen.

Stay on top of it the way you track the tropics.
Or a snow storm ....

Time will tell what our hurricane season will be...
As for me I'm watching the loops.
Watching models with a grain of salt..
My brain saying ... don't buy it.
Wait and see.

Time will tell.
Have a fantastic day!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Have a good Mother's Day!!!

Stay sane and stay sane!
Stay home depending on your state's rules.
Or your city or country's rules.
Keep the universal rule.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Be kind.
Share a smile.

Have a wonderful day!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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