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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Is it Winter or Fall? Why Are People Talking on the Tropics AND Tornadoes While Snow And Ice Rule the NE?

So let's look at the Gulf of Mexico.

hicbsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Tuesday Evening Thoughts... the top.
Same thoughts below.
What season are we in?
Depends on where you live.

Yes there is Tropical Moisture down there...
Moving up the coast.

December 1st is Meteorological Winter.
We haven't had the Winter Solstice...
Everyone loves to argue "Winter"
Two good mets discussing it online.

If it's cold and snowy... it's basically Winter.
de facto winter... so to speak.
If I'm wearing sandals and short sleeves...
..we are waiting for the Winter Solstice.

In the South it's Summer.
In the North it's Winter.
Actually it feels like Spring in Georgia today.
You know Severe Weather Season...

But Dan in Albany has snow..
Albany NY that is...

The Weather Channel has been all over the place this morning like an hyperactive 7 year old that just finished frozen sugar pops! One minute there are in a Winter Wonderland in Albany, NY and two minutes ago they were following Tornado Warnings in Georgia...Winter Storm Warnings in that little No Man's Land between Jersey, Pennsylvania and "up state NY" (which really isn't so UP state but it's all a matter of perspective. December of 2019... going to end the decade on a big winter bang it seems. And, yet everyone really just wants to know if it's gonna snow across a good part of our country. Down in Florida they are watching for a rare tropical like system to form in the GOM (maybe) and move across the State and up the coast... bomb out off the Carolinas.... oh my gosh where have we seen this pattern before; like all year.

But in a little over 2 weeks we will move forward into 2020. A new decade. One wonders what if anything will change as we move deeper into the real winter vs the "I want it to be winter but it's not really winter yet ...winter" and I'm not really sure where I will be. I'm supposed to go to Miami. I want to be in NYC. Torn between two cities and groups of people right now and if I went North I'd get snow so... as it's not Hurricane Season you know where my loyalty lays. Let's see how it plays out.

Snow stays North of the Mason Dixie Line.
That I can see clearly here.
Except UP in the MTNS and that's different.

Weather is local and it depends which Albany you are in ... because in Georgia there's a Tornado Outbreak and in Albany in New York they have snow covered roads. Pick your weather today if you are traveling, choose wisely and be careful. In Raleigh it's steady rain...

Check that water vapor image out.
It's wild.
A long leash of tropical moisture...
...feeding the front.
Fueling the Tornado Outbreak.

Let's do a video together.
Turn the sound up...

As for me I have a deadline today...
...things I must do.
Take care of...
Wonder on and worry on.
Or really just think on.
Holidays coming.
I'm a bit busy.

So I'll be back soon enough.
My point today is keep watching that flow.
Because as it does get colder.
And Arctic Air does descend down...
That moisture feed could make for a messy winter.
All along Hurricane Country.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Thanks for your patience and being here.

Just posting a song I like.
It's my holiday.... new, beautiful song.


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