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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

And Winter Came.... For Parts of the USA... Winter is Coming. Snow Storms, Rain, Volcanoes... Seasons Changing

Hard to really see.
But the leaves would catch the breeze.
And then flitter and fly down the street.
Making noise, whimsical.
Waiting on Winter still in Raleigh.
Though we have had some freezing cold fronts...
...teasing us and getting us in the mood.

Unless you are consumed with the Impeachment...
a lover or a hater or just a News Junkie.
You may not realize people are talking on other things.
In my world everyone is talking on Winter.

Will it be freezing?
Will it snow?
Will it be cold?
Will it be a bust?
Will this system bring snow.......
...who, what, where and when 
Will the next system bring snow?
And on it goes ....
For the next few months.

You know we have turned the page..
..when I go to Spaghetti Models for the snow.

Then I check out my local Weather expert.
Hmnn he didn't post today.
He's good. He knows this part of the Carolinas.

Again it's that next system we are watching.
This one will bring rain and cooler air.
Good thing too because it's been warm today.

It would have been a great day to be in Myrtle Beach.

Living in this here part of the Carolinas.... never know what to expect.
Time has taught me not to expect snow.

After checking out Allan Huffman.
I look to see if Cranky is talking today.
Never really sure but hope springs eternal.

(he's great with weather maps)

The real question of the day is "what is anafrontal" and how would you use it in a sentence? The definition is below. The word usage is shown above in a Tweet by Cranky who is a good word smith and knows his words as well as he does weather. Check out that flow.... straight up into the Appalachians and then into the I-95 corridor and you'll understand the constant hype on this coming system that basically is Pre Winter Season when Winter is here but not everywhere yet.

My brother says I often assume people know things and he is 100% right because although anyone may read my blog, it was originally begun as a part of discussion between me and a few of my very loved weather friends and then it took on a life of it's own. So taking my brother the writer's advice and explaining a few things. Many who read this blog, especially in the off season, are weather people who know the terminology but for newbies I'll explain. Anafrontal is term that describes the type of frontal system and the definition is shown below. When watching my video you'll see the upward movement of the warm-sector air ... until it runs out of warm air and eventually it all becomes mixed up producing moisture of all kinds though that could be cold, cold rain or freezing rain or sleet or even snow somewhere further to the North where the air is colder. There are many types of fronts, boundaries and snow storms. Miller A and Miller B will be explained in another blog when the term gets bounced around often as if everyone knows what it is and no it's not Miller Beer vs Miller Lite though to be honest... someone often gets a Lite Snow Storm vs a well brewed system.

Watch the video from Twitter and you'll see this playing out.

In Raleigh today it just hit 72 where I live.
Ahead of the front in the warm sector.
Out the window it's cold and windy looking.
Leaves are flying around caught in the breeze.
Or simply blowing in the wind.
My large, huge, big old Oak tree is almost bare.

I'm listening to an Enya song as I type today.
Today is the anniversary of a friend's death.
He loved Enya. So I love Enya.

CAD is another term that gets Tweeted often.
Cold Air Damning.

Weather is truly very complicated.

It's snowing in Alabama.
Up near the border... not down near Mobile.
Alabama is a big state.
People don't realize that.
Diverse too...

Another view of this system... 
..and the next system.

The next system has a bit more promise for me.
Okay not a promise but a whispered promise.

Yes... this is the weather news for Tuesday.

There is a tropical system by Madagascar.
I always wanted to go there when I was little.
Pretty beaches and palm trees.
Kind of like Miami but far away.
Isn't that pretty?
Small tight little eye there.
Center maybe.
I haven't been following it much.
But it's tropical so it's topical.

I have been following the Volcano in New Zealand.
I think most of us have been.

The tourists caught in the eruption especially captured the news.

Compelling video.
Mother Nature blows a hissing fit.
Reminding us who is really in charge.

The world has been caught up in other live videos.
The shoot out in Miramar Florida...
Mind boggling to me.
I grew up near Miracle Mile Coral Gables.
Miracle Mile was my Main Street growing up.
My kids live near Miramar in Pembroke Pines.
My son works near the shooting.
Cops raced out of his garage to get there...
in rush hour traffic with pedestrians crossing the street.
With cars stuck in traffic.
I like to think there was a better way.
I've never been a fan of how Broward County handles things.
Very sad.

Those are cars with people and families in them.
Suddenly stuck in a shoot out like at the 
OK Corral but just another day in South Florida.. 
And yes I was worried my son could have just left work..
...and been caught in that traffic jam.

To be honest there are better videos out there.
I'm not showing the one I saw in the Whatsapp group.
From the guy's dashboard stuck in traffic.
A car with the dead bystander in it slammed into him.
It's just not right.
Over an hour to set something up....
..if not to save the life of the UPS driver (so sad) 
but to direct the flow of traffic away from traffic.

Been a violent sort of week.
And I'm not talking about politics...
Terrorist shooting in Pensacola... 
..the second base shooting in less than a week.
Home of the Blue Angels.

An Active Shooter in NJ ongoing :(

I gotta tell you I've had the news off often this week.
Pensacola was sad... 3 young men killed.
The UPS driver kind of did me in...  :(

So I've been offline.... shopping.
Presents for family for the holidays.
Chanukah, Christmas... presents to send to friends.
Presents for family.
I'm decorating.
Listening to music... 
Staying off FOX, CNN and MSNBC
And have seen very little TWC
But I've been looping loops
(satellite loops that is...)
And listening to music.
And wishing and hoping for snow.

Talking to friends (love doing that.. )
Enjoying the evolution of the seasons.

To show how fast time is moving...
...the picture of the golden tree and blue sky below...
...and the ones with naked branches are two days apart.
Whoosh went the wind.

I love watching the changes.
I get bored easily.
Change is good.
Windy days are good.

Going out tonight.
Dressing warmer tonight....
...than I did this morning.

Sorry I've been away.
It's been quiet tropically.
I've been traveling.
Catching up once home.

I'll be blogging more regularly.

That's enough for today.
I've officially blogged.
Enjoy the holida
Enjoy the weather.
Enjoy life.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

On Twitter all day talking weather.
Weather, Make up, Life on Instagram.

For Harvey...
..there was never anyone like him.


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