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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Updated 11 PM NHC Now Forecasts Sebastien to be a Hurricane. .

Forecast to become a hurricane.

Check that out... Sebastien
Wrapping up, intensifying.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Have to see what the morning will bring...
Hurricane Sebastien?

Keep reading if you did not do so...
I'll update in the morning.

Just wanted to point out that Sebastien is cooking.
Out performing as some models said it might.
Impressive ball of convection there.
Closer to the center too.

Gotta give Cranky thanks.
I was watching "the hearings"
Ignoring the tropics.
Oh my gosh.. I Know.

So I took a look.

What if an eye popped out.
Just thinking out loud.
NHC might have to reconsider the situation.

May update at 11 if NHC upgrades.
But watching hearings.
Then the debates.
My dance card is filled tonight.
Peeking at Sebastian some too!


Video with my thoughts on Sebastien.
Bit of a drama going on...
Sure somewhere met students are placing bets.
Hurricane? No Hurricane.

11 AM Sebastien Update.

And a bonus, beautiful long loop.
Of our most recent No Name Coastal Low.
The road trip it took from the Gulf of Mexico..
..into the Atlantic.

Awesome Loop.

Earlier discussion from NHC
Left the door open for intensification.
The door is still left over for further intensification.

5 AM Info below

Good Tweet online.
Visual, track, intensity.

Using this graphic to show where it is....
...because it's closer to our world than it seems.
Convection Still displaced from Center.
Center close than Convection.

Chick's tweet says it all.
Compare the naked center above with below.
This is why we use so many different presentations.
Visible shows the core...
IR makes it look hot and heavy.

Note the presence of COLD Clouds to the NW.
It's going to catch that frontal boundary.
Zoom away.
But questions remain on intensity.
Structurally it may change and ...
..some models show it reaching hurricane strength.
The NHC is aware of them but keeping it conservative.
This could change at 11 AM on their next advisory.

So if anything remarkable happens.
I will update.
It is what it is... a November system.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Looks kind of "cute" on the loop above.
Low level wave to the SE worth noting.
Just because.... it's there.

Going to ignore Sebastien today.
And possibly the hearings for a while.
Trying to figure somethings out.
Everything good.
Sun is shining today in Raleigh.
Bright lights on the golden trees...
...shining against a deep blue sky.

I'd say it doesn't get better than this but..
plenty of weather I like better.
Especially snow....
... or at the beach with a hurricane coming in.

It's just who I am.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... Yeah the Hurricane Season is slowly ending.
Officially probably did but hey Sebastien.
Could Tanya form in some tricky way?
Who knows... I gotta get out and breathe.
Just breathe.


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