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Friday, November 22, 2019

Sebastien Not Gonna Be a Hurricane... Joined Up with the Frontal Boundary... Flowing Free Part of the Atmosphere. November Rain and a Look Back at Someone I Loved.

Quick blog today.
Not much to say.
The front has grabbed Sebastien.
Nothing last forever.....
... especially November storms.

Hard to hold a candle.... the cold November Rain.
Or the November Shear...

Last night's 11 PM NHC Discussion below.
Told the story well...

Last night an excellent discussion was written.
A true look into Sebastien true future.
The ghost of being a hurricane...
...was gone.
In the November wind.

So here is our November storm now.
On the move finally.
Note below the image shows the truth.
The "center" is still displaced from the convection..
..and the convection joined the frontal party finally.

Displaced but still strong...
Still has a name.
But NHC pulled back a bit.
As I thought they would.
Shear has been strong all along!

Gotta love these NHC headlines lately.

From far away.... you can barely find it.
Lost in the flow of the atmosphere.

That energy will flow elsewhere.
Everything that happens...
...has a reaction.
Stay tuned.

Close up.
Oh look... it has a friend nearby.

So have a wonderful November weekend.
Diet to look good at the Thanksgiving feast...
...or shop til you drop for clothes and presents.
Decorate your house for... 
...whatever you feel it needs to be decorated for.
As seasons collide.
Generally I love this time of year.
I can walk around a mall staring at holiday cheer.
People smiling, happier than usual.

Do what you love.
Love what you do!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... an intense wild song for our departing storm.
Nothing last forever.
So true.

Beautifully morbid song... 
visually intense.
But true.

I had a close friend pass away on November 22nd.
No..not JFK... 
...but someone who died way too soon.

I knew a man ... he danced.
He did theater, karate, Shakespeare Festivals.
He danced through life on a high wire.
Moving fast though ... 
Rollerbladed home the day before he died.
He was sick but he wouldn't let you see it.
One of my best friends.
One of my favorite people.
His place in my life was golden.
Like the leaves on the maple tree.
Turning red, orange and gold.
Quivering today in the November wind.
As the tall green Carolina Pines behind it...
.. float back and forth like green feathers.
Against a white gauzy gray sky.
A November sky...
....promising November rain.

I'd rather have him here but........
...the memories make me smile.


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