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Friday, May 24, 2019

From Myrtle Beach ... Watching the Tropics....

Quick hello from Myrtle Beach which is pretty much my beach of choice these days to watch the sunrise and walk along the beach at dawn. Wrightsville is wonderful, but it's more a place you drive down.... spend the day... and then drive back to Raleigh. But, the Myrtle Beach has things that most places do not have as well as a beautiful, family oriented beach that is always much cooler temperature wise than it is inland. Nothing like ocean air, a sea breeze and getting your toes in the water to make you feel like the world is a well ... a world away. In truth it's a sweet illusion and a long drive from Raleigh but a doable drive and a place to get away and remember what matters in the world.

There's sunrise....

For me there's a kosher restaurant that has divine Israeli food and more salads than you can imagine down the block and a Chabad House that is a beautiful community where friends are always hugging, laughing and watching everyone's kids run in all directions. It's kind of Old School Chabad in a way I'm used to with a very Israeli touch to everything they do as most of the congregation is Israelis who work here in the school or along the strand or engineers... you know doctors, lawyers and all the regular sort of trades people do everywhere.

There's sunset.....

The tropics can wait a day or two for me to get back.

One of my favorite sites shows the story well.
No development expected....
...but some convection on either side of Central America.

And the water is warming up every day in tropical places.
Tropical places that can support tropical development.

Some crazy models keep showing a Cat 3 in the Caribbean.
Other crazy models show a hurricane along the East Coast.
Someone needs to take the crazy models to the market....
...and beat the crap out of them.
We need better models.
But hey it's fun watching Cat 3 hurricanes form in early June.
June too soon for that.
But they do indicate convection gathers.
The huge high breathes back and forth.
The high inhales, exhales, inhales... the tides of the ocean.
The high is alive!

Note the strength of the High.
Reigns across most of the Atlantic.
A tropical wave leaving Africa at a high latitude. 

And note this other model......
... something in the Bay of Campeache.
Now that is believable in the short term.

I can buy the BOC getting tropical attention.

But for now I'm going to breakfast.
And then gonna put my toes back in the sand.

Love you all.... 
Have a safe, happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Remember why we have Memorial Day....
...and stock up on hurricane supplies!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Weather Guy said...

Hey fun fact June has been known to produce a cat 3 hurricane in early June #Alma was her name 1966


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