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Thursday, May 30, 2019

End of May. Hurricane Season Almost Here! Tornado Chases, Hot Days in Carolinas Maybe Coming to an End?

Tropics today.
A trough like entity in the SW Caribbean.
Really stretches from SW Carib across PR.
Under the High Pressure.
We can call it a CAG but it's more like a trof.
And it's always good to watch trofs....
But look at that double barreled High Pressure.
Anyone play RISK ever?
It's reinforced.

So let's talk tornadoes from yesterday...
..and tomorrow in the tropics.

Tornado Time the last few days as tornadoes dance around the huge high across the Southeast where "weather" has taken a vacation and gone on the rampage everywhere else. At some point last night I thought The Weather Channel was going to have to go to Split Screen broadcasts as tornadoes rampaged on two fronts ... the Plains and Pennsylvania. At one point New York City was in the way of severe storms that had produced rotation on Staten Island.

And in New Jersey there was the East Coast version ... milder but still if a tree falls on your house it's not so mild.

There have been small tornadoes and big tornadoes.

A good example of a Rope Tornado is shown below:

Reed Timmer's team launched a rocket into a tornado.
With sensors.... 

And as we move our way through May...
We get day by day closer to Hurricane Season.

So what might be developing?
A ... Watch the Caribbean for an early odd ball
B... Possible ever popular Subtropical in the Atlantic.
C... BOC likes to bubble trouble.

Really there isn't much to see that can be defined as "OH MY GOSH SOMETHING IS FORMING" vs more of the same heat ridge, more of the clash between late season cold weather mixing it up with warm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico traveling around the High Pressure ridge that has taken up residence in the Deep Southeast. It's as if that High wants to find a good Air B and B it can rent by the week. In theory.........models show it moderating and wiggling around a bit back down to where it belongs and cool weather in the mid 80s will seep back into the Carolinas and Georgia. Really it should be one state with some odd name as Georgia is really South Carolina and in truth North Carolina is Tennessee's beach front property. I digress but hey there isn't much to say except the very unpopular plea to beg you to prepare for the heart of the hurricane season.

The tell tale signs of the Hurricane Season are here.
Excellent shows put together to help you...
Survive a Storm.
This one is on in Miami.
There's one on this week in Raleigh.
It's that time of year.

And in Florida there is a Tax Holiday on Hurricane Supplies.
Like those crappy Macy coupons there are lots of exclusions.
So buyer beware before you stock up your cart.
But........lots of ways to save money.
Reminding your personally go to the Dollar Store.
You go there for Dove hand cream... put Party City out of business going there.
Why not go there for Hurricane Supplies?
If on every trip you bought one thing for a $1
By the heart of the season you'd have a treasure chest...
...of Hurricane Supplies.
Just do it.

What do the models say currently?
They show a HUGE HIGH.
That means waves under that high go westbound.
When shear relaxes deeper into the season...
We will get the real thing... Hurricanes.
In the transition time we get subtropicals...

When you look at models in June.
Watch the High.
Stop looking for a Cat 4 Hurricane.
Watch the High.

Doesn't matter which model they all show the high.
Some show a possible subtropical
Sometimes subtropicals go tropical...
Andrea ran out of juice fast.
Maybe Barry?

Again watch the high ignore the oddities.

I don't totally ignore them.
I'm prone to being silly.
Having fun early on when nothing is happening.
I like fun ... fun is good.
Laughter and humor is good.
I'm sorry if it drives one of my kids crazy...
...yes we have fun.
Talking tropics early on you need a sense of humor.

Luckily @dadabuh has a great sense of humor.

Subtropical Fish storms as the High holds it's line.
This is why the rhyme says June too Soon.
Too Soon for real devastating WNW bound West Indies Canes.

Bottom Line.....

All signs point to an active hurricane season with multiple Major Hurricanes and areas along the coast and in the islands are more in the danger zone than other years. The high is a real thing and water is warming up and when shear weakens and slowly it does every year.... the potential is for real tropical trouble. Now is the time to stock up somewhere... use Amazon, Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store...or any store you got that has sales on what you need. And, keep watching as things sometimes pop up around June 1st and like PreSeason Football everyone makes fun of it but everyone watches ;)

Much love.... keep thinking on what YOU need because what YOU need is not necessarily what I need but we all need water... and most of us need caffeine so shop accordingly.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Follow me there for real time info. 

 Ps...cute clip from a concert. Trying to get a good view of Jimmy is like trying to get something tropical past that huge high but hey it happens... shop accordingly if you need beer!


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