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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Time to Spice Up the Hurricane Name List with Names like Mateo and Morgan! May I Suggest Gender Neutral Names!

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Taking a short break from tracking the Stock Market and sharing a random thought here with y'all this morning. Somewhere between dueling memos and hype on the Olympics I decided to check out The Weather Channel. I know it is hard to believe I don't watch TWC all day. Let's face it and admit winter is here for a little while longer and then we start hearing about early Spring Storms and then we move towards whispered discussion on the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Winter Storm Mateo is having it's day as snow is causing pile ups on major highways, some travel delays and it's bringing winter weather to places where there should be winter weather. I looked up at the screen and thought, "wow, Mateo... that's a great name! A real waste on a winter storm"

I've got to be honest without Googling I'm not sure who all these people are but they definitely have me smiling. Of course to the rest of the world that doesn't live or die by TWC and their naming winter storms this would just basically be called "another bout of winter weather" nothing expected to make the record books or take attention away from memos, the Stock Market or the Winter Olympics.

My husband walks into the room and hears TWC talking about Mateo and he says, "wouldn't that be a better name for a hurricane?" and I laughed as basically I was just thinking the same thing. So what is in a name?

Perhaps if we deviated from the overly anal way the Hurricane Center does their naming system we could move away from Mindy and Michael and move on to some way different names for hurricanes. The list below shows the following M Hurricane names in rotation and as there are storms as mean and violent as Maria was they get stuck there way too long. Michael is a great name and Melissa is one of my favorites, Marco is iconic from One Life to Live a show the NHC seems to have watched considering many of their names were famous characters on the show. Moving on we have Mindy and Martin waiting in the wings and at some point they will add a name to replace Maria that will be retired. May I suggest Mateo?

I'm pretty sure a name like Mateo would attain Cat 5 Status late in the season and not slam into Central America like Mitch nor would it want to do San Juan like Maria. An ocean spinner perhaps to end the season? 

The problem with recycling the names forever is you get a name like Hurricane Emily that produces multiple memorable storms but which one were you referring to? When someone says Donna or Katrina or Andrew we know. But then there are those ongoing repeat offenders with minor crimes coming back over and over confusing those of us that like to talk about Hurricanes. "Oh that Emily? Yeah I was talking about the one that drew Alfred Hitchcock's face in the Atlantic" to which someone goes "yeah that was crazy" and well you get the idea.

Perhaps the NHC should update their list a bit to get more interest on Snapchat. How about making the list a neutral gender names? We can use names like Morgan and Marley which is actually a great name for  Hurricane. Can't you see the headlines and graphics if it got into the Caribbean?

So yeah it's time the name list gets an update from it's early 1950s names and the forever wonderful One Life to Live names (Katrina, Larry, Marco, Karen, Victor, Vickie, Wanda) perhaps they should spice up the list a bit more with some new names to make things more interesting and less confusing. Some great gender neutral names are shown below. 

Just something to think on while waiting for the Winter Olympics to begin and before we worry on what the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will bring as we move on through Alberto and Beryl once again.............

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