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Friday, December 15, 2017

Snow Wishes Want Snow for Holidays.... Enjoy the Sunshine. Long Range 10 Day Forecasts IFFY ..Someone Gets SNOW

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It's beginning to look a lot like that time of year when people try to calculate their odds of seeing a White Christmas. Cold fronts have wandered into the Deep South and it's snowing in Brooklyn. That only means one thing. Those who wake up Christmas morning to no snow are going to feel cheated as it feels a lot like Old Saint Nick has taken up residence in the US this year.

Mike is covering Santa.

I'm shaking the snow globe in NC.

We all be watching the loops.
Wondering on the models.

People are arguing online...
Others are smiling at long range forecasts.
10 days away.

Let me explain it like this. Ten days away is . . . well 10 days away. Yet hope springs eternal even if you live in places where snow rarely falls. Meteorologists grapple with a 3 day forecast yet some dabble at making accurate long term forecasts. Every weather weenie around the world wants to argue what the GFS and the EURO are showing about flakes falling from the sky as hurricanes are long since forgotten. Different weather yet the same argument; we are a weather world divided. The arguing goes on as do the long range projections. In truth... it's just too soon to tell. So I suggest people take it one day at a time and continue shopping for your friends, family and yourself while deals are more reliable than long term forecasts. 

It obviously brings out the crazies.
The fakes and pretenders.
Promises of snow...
...naysayers singing let it rain!!

What is Christmas with no snow?
It's every Christmas in Miami . . .
What do people do in Miami and LA?
They bring in snow or pretend ;)

To be honest I'm not very hung up on the snow issue just yet. I will get there (trust me) but for now I'm enjoying the day to day of Chanukah and experimenting with just what keeps me warm. I've made potato latkes and last night we had Lamb Burgers and onion rings. Pretty sure I'm making Southern Fried Chicken tonight. With so many things to do I'm not going to dive just yet into the Great Snow Debate  ;) But I will be posting in a few days on the whispers of a storm system in about 10 days that may bring various types of winter P types (that means snow/sleet/iced it's a code word mets use for possible snow) ... 

We be doing Chanukah in our house. Enjoy this video from the sons of one my best friends years back and one of them recently sung at my grandson's Bar Mitzvah. My life has a way of weaving itself back and forth in and out as the past doubles over with blessings in the present and who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

As for me.... wishing y'all a Happy Chanukah!'

Besos BobbiStorm

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