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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Will it Snow on Purim? In NY? Winter Weather Makes a Come Back. Casual Observations on Life and Death and Dancing on Holidays. Hamentaschen Don't Just Happen You Got to Make Them (or buy them...)

Rain along the East Coast.
Severe Weather down along the GOM.
Snow Up North. 
The NW is still stormy.

Pictures don't really tell the story sometimes. Satellite loops only say so much to the casual observer. Even loops only show so much before it all blurs together into a progression of fronts and dry zones moving in tandem across the face of the nation from a satellite up in space.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

A crazy quilt of weather warnings across the USA.

Put in your Zip code.
See if the NWS is concerned about your welfare today.

A casual perusal of weather news is below.
I know you really aren't here for casual news.
But, often, much of our life is filled with the casual.
It's not always intense or wild.
Tornadoes confirmed in the KC area.
(We knew that but now it's official)
Winter Weather is flirting with the Mason Dixie Line.


Mason Dixie Line

Long Range Snow Winter Weather predictions.

Note yesterday this line was a bit further South.
It's a predictions and predictions change in real time.

And a flush of early Spring messes up the commodity markets.
They are prone to any fluctuations in the weather.
Your cousin Peggy may be thrilled she can plant her petunias.
However, too early a bloom on trees may mess up the crop.
Weather... it's all related.

So... should you want to find random weather news.
Go to Google on any random day - type "weather" 
Then hit the NEWS tab.

No you don't have to rely on Drudge or CNN.
Or what your stupid smart phone decides you want to read.

And voila... weather news!

That maple story may hit home for some readers here.
Ouch.... Good luck on that!!

As for me, here in North Carolina, I am stuck on 73 degrees. I regularly adjust the thermostat from "cool" to "heat" so that I am living in the zone most Miamians live in and that being eternal 73 or 74 degrees. The ceiling fan whirls above me while I think on whether I should go North or South on my next trip as both places are calling me. But, for now I have the Jewish Holiday of Purim which is kind of like a Halloween as we dress up and party in costume, yet we give presents that look much like Easter Baskets. Theme parties or destination dinners. You can choose from a diverse array if you are Jewish and interested in a holiday where people drink, eat sweets and dance to the music and then take Uber home unless you have a friend who does AA and is your designated driver ;)

Last year we did an African theme in Raleigh and this year we are doing Purim in France but I'll be escaping to a nearby Brewery that a nearby Chabad rented out for a party.....sooooo North Carolina. For kids it's a dress up party and a family dinner at the Temple or local Chabad House. Then for the adults it can become an all night dance party with good friends and millions of calories (most of them not Paleo..) 

If you watch the end part from above...'ll see the party part.

I'm trying to stick to Paleo but that's going down on Purim.
One day ... 
I made 4 dozen Pina Colada cupcakes on Tuesday.
Didn't eat one!
They smell good.
Spent a small fortune sending our packages yesterday.
I have a lot of friends and FAMILY across the nation.
I will be giving out some here in person.
I may try and bake chocolate hamentaschen today...
Gotta Love the Internet.

There was discussion it would snow in NYC on Sunday but the NWS has pulled back on that today and hopefully the Purim Parades will go on. They will go on without me as I'm down here in NC far from Crown Heights (where a part of me wants to be) and not in Miami (where the other part of me wants to be) and I'll enjoy Purim here. I'll just have to flower where I'm planted. We will most likely do talk on FaceTime or do Facebook Live this year to be in touch even though we are far apart.

It's been a crazy week as I know three amazing women who lost a grandparent this week, they are all friends and life happens for a reason in random ways sometimes. One of those grandparents was the father of my best friend. You can read his inspirational obituary below. Buddy Subin, Teaneck NJ.

A family picture from her wedding below.

Yes, the girl in the  middle is the Mother of the Bride..
That's her grandson below with her grandfather.

So yes, one of my two best friends lost her father two days ago. Malka is a real upbeat cheerleader sort of person filled with faith and fun to be with and on the way to the airport to go to his funeral she went to the Post Office to mail me out my Purim package. Who does that? She does... Yeah, I sent her a present yesterday she can use with her costume on Sunday. No mourning on Purim... well, not real mourning. And, he was very old and led a very good life and lost his awesome wife a few years back and was blessed to dance with his Great Granddaughter at her wedding two years ago. How incredible a life is that? Actually, he got to hold his Great, Great Grandson last year after dancing with his Great Granddaughter at her wedding. That's my best friend Malka on the right with her daughter and granddaughter and great granddaughter. Malka is beautiful inside and out, few people like that and she's raise an awesome group of kids who in turn have raised awesome children themselves. Her daughter, the Grandmother, jumped out of a plane (with a parachute) for her 40th birthday to raise money for their Chabad House. Who does that? The daughter of a woman who stops on the way to the airport for her father's funeral to mail her best friend a Purim Package. 

Yes, much of life is casual. You make lunches for the kids, you wash your hair, you put on your make up, pick out your clothes and mark off your to do list in your Bullet Journal because it turns out pen and paper are never going out of style. You get stuck at a red light or a traffic jam and you check your Facebook or do Snapchat while waiting for the light to turn and the person behind you to beep because they are old and aren't aware they can do Snapchat at a red light fast. People who are in a rush always get where they are going but they often miss the casual subtleties of life that make life enriched in numerous ways. They miss the clouds up above and the flowers below, they miss the ebb and flow of life when you are living fast but not in the fast lane.

The Hurricane Season is less than 90 days away. Between here and there I have Purim and Passover and a few trips to see a few kids in between. Lag B'omer in Miami ;)

So............check often with the NWS to see what may happen in your area before smart phone sends you a weather warning and you are already out and about. And if you see snow falling make sure to Snapchat it with a Geotag or send a Tweet and share it with a friend. Life is about sharing.

Besos BobbiStorm 
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Me and Malka a few years ago when the camera caught me smiling at Malka in admiration. Sorry for any typos... I am still getting past a badly sprained wrist but I am healing and yes I can dance again. One of the things we do on Purim is give charity (while eating and dancing and reading about Queen Esther) so if you would like to give charity here is a link to Buddy's granddaughter's Chabad House if you would like to make a donation in his memory or the memory of a loved one.


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