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Monday, December 05, 2016

Snow in Seattle, SE set for Severe Weather Again. Winter On the Move. Russian Storm Waves in Sochi.

Love it. Slow motion.
Kids who rarely see snow watching it falling.

Gonna lead here with the snow in Seattle. 
It's a big deal when it snows there.
Statistically Raleigh gets more snow than Seattle.
And seems people react there the way they do here.

My daughter-in-law who lived in Postville, Iowa is not happy.
She has seen enough snow for a life time...
It rarely snows in Seattle.
My son posted video on Youtube so I figured I could post it here.
He's seen his share of snow but not often since moving to Seattle.
Everyone loves that first snow unless perhaps they live in Minnesota.
Especially when it's not all winter just once in a blue moon.
This was forecast, but no one believes it til they see it.

And they saw it falling.

It's also snowing near Boston but that's not exciting.
But everyone loves the first snowfall of the year right?
Okay, not my daughter-in-law Chani
Actually my daughter-in-law in NY doesn't either..

So let's look at the snow map for today.

CONUS_GFS0P5_SFC_ACCUM-SNOW_120HR.gif (1180×770)

Well, that's a lot of snow up near Seattle.
Dark reds. Brief bursts of snow at higher elevations.

Down South we have rain.
Possible strong storms.
Severe weather.
Moisture from the Gulf of MEXICO
Moving North hitting the diving cold air.

And get used to it as winter is not leaving.
I do believe this will be a real winter Virginia...
Perhaps the Almanac was right.
Should I whisper "La Nina" ??

So if you need to stock up on snow supplies.
You know all that stuff they have out in front of Kroger..
You might want to slowly prepare as winter is in the air.

What's also interesting today is video coming in from Russia.
Russia had a storm, a wild one recently.

Note their use of the word "hurricane" ..
... storm surge like waves caused this damage below.

Just wow. 

The destructiveness of water is to be feared and hopefully never seen up close, especially if it is endangering people and your home. However, we are often mesmerized by this force of nature, and we watch videos online in wonder and awe. Awe is a funny word to use for something so horrible and yet it is awesome that a gentle ocean can be so whipped up with unrelenting, wild waves moving onto shore in what we commonly call a storm surge. What many of us do not realize is that it happens across the world, not just in the Atlantic and Pacific Basin. And people react in the same way, they stand there, watch and take pictures sharing them online.

The video above is of a storm in Russia recently. It immediately reminded me of the way the storm surge looks in Daytona Beach when a Hurricane is off shore. So the video below is from Hurricane Matthew. Compare and contrast how similar it looks and how the water finds it's easiest path inland.

True story. And as always people get too close.

She's fine... I think.

So stay on top of the weather today where ever you are..
...before the weather is on top of you!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Cause you can't talk about Seattle without showing the Space Needle.
Old video during a snow storm in 2010.
Worth noting similar time of year.

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