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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Cold Winter. Miami Awaits. South of the Freeze Line. Or Buy Snow Boots! Compass Realty

Today is the day when people on the East Coast ponder buying that pair of snow boots they have been wanting but were waiting for after Holiday sales. There's rumors of snow...

Note Winter's song is now heard all the way through North Florida.
South Florida is holding out as always.

See the oranges by South Florida.
They are reminiscent of Julia Tuttle's oranges.
Groves in Miami weren't destroyed by the Hard Freeze of 1894-95.
Julia Tuttle was said to have sent Old Henry Flagler oranges.
The oranges were alive... blossoms fresh.
The crop wasn't destroyed.
Henry who is better known for hotels and railroads...
...was making money on the agriculture boom in Florida.
The first boom being the farming boom.
Then the Real Estate Boom that busted the farming boom.
Coral Gables was originally Orange Groves.
Thus the  name... Coral Gables.
He build houses with coral gables and coral roof tiles.
But the orange groves were mowed down for the housing boom.
You win some you lose some.

In Downtown Miami they sold oranges to tourists.
My mother's best friend's mother had a juicing stand.
Across from the Olympic Theater on Miami's Main Street.
Tourists, Sailors, Cubans up from Havana shopping.
All came to get fresh squeezed orange juice.
Stores sold orange perfume to tourists.
My Great Aunt got married with a bouquet of Orange Blossoms.
Really... it was all the rage back then.
She lived in Tampa, but same thing.
Orange Groves brought the money rolling in.
Then came the Orange Bowl Parade.
The Jr. Orange Bowl Parade is alive in Coral Gables.
Of course...
The Orange Bowl Game Still lives... 
Oranges helped make Miami what it is..
Go figure.
Try and find an orange tree anymore...
We had one in our backyard. Not easy to climb.
And we got in trouble for climbing it.. 
So yes Julia Tuttle knew the value of being south of the freeze line.

One of my favorite people is my good friend Historian Paul George.
You might want to sit a spell and listen a bit.
Paul's favorite History Tour is the City Cemetery.
Okay he is born on Halloween so this shouldn't be a surprise.
Listen to "Julia" tell the story in "her" words :)

That's the land she bought.
The beautiful hotel.
Prime Real Estate.

Now if you think on that a bit...
We got from there to here....

What a city.

So while watching that frost line move South....
...and the temperatures drop deeper and deeper down.
Look around and wonder if you really, really like the Seasons.
Or would you rather fly South to Miami.

Orange has given way to white.
White fancy new Spec Houses.
White buildings with touches of playful color.
White beaches, blue water.

Whether you are in Coconut Grove (incredible)
Miami it!
Or just plain old Miami..
Usually, but not always, the freeze line is in the rear view mirror.

My son is a 5th Generation Floridian.
We've built homes, sold homes and loved homes.
He loves Royal Poinciana Trees...
..being his mother I know that.

Beautiful historic real Miami home in the Grove.
That's the street it's on...
.... palms, orange poincianas, blue skies.
Green all year.

That's my Levi ;)
He's not worrying on buying snow boots this year.

That's the bottom line.

Either you LOVE the Seasons.
And they are nice.. especially when you can fly South.
Buy a condo downtown not far from Julia Tuttle's home....
...when it gets too cold up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Do you really want to buy winter clothes?
You're call.

Because the bottom line is winter is on the way.
And it's gonna get cold really soon.
So if you aren't flying South in sandals.
Buy boots.
The forecast for the next week UP North is COLD.
And it's only gonna get colder..

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps I have to add there is the smallest chance of something forming.
Tropically at the bottom of the front in the SW GOM.
But until it gets more realistic it's just some rain.
Rain is better than snow unless you love snow.
I'm more a believer on Winter and snow now.
But as the Hurricane Season started in January...
...stay tuned just in case

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