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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Chicago Gets 1st Snow of the Season. Storm Moving Towards East Coast

Just marking a moment in weather history for the Winter of 2016. No this isn't about the tropics. Well, I do have one fact I'm putting up but this is all about the first snowfall of the year in Chicago. I wasn't paying attention much to the weather this morning. Resting, a bit under the weather myself. Allergies and sinus nothing big and yet annoying. My son in Chicago messaged me and asked me when the snow will start. I smiled. He's on a long weekend trip with some friends to check out various buildings and well that's what architecture students like to see on vacation and he was hoping to catch some of "the seasons" away from Miami.

I checked the most reliable sites and many had icons for rain mixed with snow and a low chance of much if any accumulation. As I know that story from Raleigh I warned him he might not see much but maybe. I did notice the NWS was updating it's discussion and TWC took down their rain and snow icon for light snow with a few inches of accumulation. I smiled.

And then it began to snow and snow and snow. The snow stuck, the snow accumulated and the Miami kids got to enjoy a rare treat. I know this because I'm on Snapchat with him and they had fun out and about in the snow. Oddly, he and I were in NYC 2 weeks ago and we saw snow flurries. Maybe he's a snow magnet? He's coming for a visit, I'm gonna start watching for any chance of snow down the road. I can dream right?

So this storm has been an over producer was we like to say.
What will it do next as it moves East?

Up on Mike has snow info up.

Seems winter is making it's presence known.
One of it's presents is beautiful photo ops ...

Beautiful. So beautiful. I want some.

I'm getting rain this week.

And that's good as we could use the rain in the SE.

And now that the hurricane season is over.
SAL has taken a vacation it seems.
Go figure. Nada.

Just the way it goes.
As for this coming winter.
Weathermen win some...
...they lose some.
Will be a while to see just what we will be.

So stay tuned and pay attention.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Love it... 

Everyone loves the first snow of the Season ;)
Not just Miami kids on vacation.

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