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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Updated! 5 PM 33 Dead in US From Matthew. Some Still Missing. TWC and Social Media Covering Ongoing Drama. Nicole Wants to Take Vacation in Bermuda.

Bermuda still in the crosshairs.
No changes there.
Hurricane strength now.. biggest change.
80 MPH.

In Raleigh we went to the Neuse River.
A custom called Tashlich (you can Google)..
..we do it before Yom Kippur.

There'a a dam just behind me when I took this picture.
You can see where the water as during the storm..
Neuse River is flooding down river.
Historic floods.
I'll be praying this Yom Kippur for people to rebuild their lives.
For us to be safe and learn better ... to predict problems from hurricanes.
How to communicate those problems.
And for all to be safe the rest of the Hurricane Season.
I'll be back posting Wed evening.

Stay safe and informed

And donate please to help those in need everywhere.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

That bright white area on the imagery above is Nicole.

Her cone is below:

Still planning a Bermuda vacation ...
She hasn't traveled much since she formed.

That's her travel history above.

Current advisory below:

So that's Nicole.
Unless you have relatives in Bermuda..
...or plan to visit Bermuda.
That's what I'm saying on Bermuda and Nicole.

Good site. Use link above.

Nuff said on Nicole.

Next we go back in time to the present and discuss Matthew.

The Matthew mess, misery and slow moving tragedy goes on.

3 people have died over night in NC that we know of...

It's hard to explain to those of you arguing over the 2016 Presidential elections just how bad things are round these parts. And I mean Raleigh as well as down by Lumberton and Princeville. For some it's life almost like normal and for others it's life been altering. Highways are still out in some flood affected areas; some smaller roads still blocked from fallen trees and some trees are still falling down weakened and easy prey for every strong gust of wind or a group of squirrels running across the branches. Honestly have seen dead pines fall in NC without a breeze in the sky, my husband said watch the squirrels jumping around . . .   Happens. Really. Especially after a hurricane passed by to the South and we had Tropical Storm conditions.

"The death toll climbed overnight from 11 storm-related deaths after McCrory said a tree fell on a Wake County man's truck Monday night and two drivers - one in Cumberland County and another in Wilson County - had their vehicles submerged by rushing flood waters along US-301 and Hwy-51.

McCrory also said that a man died in Lumberton after a shooting Monday night involving a North Carolina Highway Patrol officer and 2 deputies during the high water situation."

Note the shooting is being investigated.....
...tempers flare and rise with the rising rivers and flood waters.

The drama goes on and on with little end in sight for those who are in the flooded areas or live in a subdivision that was heavily wooded that suffered more damage from falling trees and many are still without power or cable in the Wake County area that is Raleigh. In neighboring areas such as Rocky Mount things are way worse. Rocky Mount is that town that got I-95 and threw Raleigh off the beaten track from Miami to NY.  Many Floridians know Rocky Mount as the place their parents would stop on the way to New York and spend the night in a small road side motel. It's closer to the flooding and has many problems. Further "Down East" the areas such as Lumberton are totally flooded with only the rooftops visible in video taken by news crews or posted on social media. More on the social media later in this blog so remember that comment please.

I woke up to this story on TV this morning live.

That's a town that is flooded, those are the rooftops of homes.
Lives forever changed. People evacuated.
Some people stayed believing it wouldn't be too bad.
I mean there was very little discussion .... main stream media markets on this happening.
Other weather people talked on it. 
I put up video of Floyd with warnings for Matthew.
Those watching FOX or CNN showing endless ....
...he said, she said election stories ..
...were a bit blind sided.
When it comes to Hurricanes...
Think Global (politics)
Act Local (NWS weather warnings)

Social media has been a wonderful help with Matthew.
Someone went in a small boat with FACEBOOK LIVE..
Helped get images out, helped people in real time.
The world is changing.
Later, of course, the media picked up the story.

There are many social media stories.

Please read that story in the link posted above.

Basically his brother, a veteran with a dog, was home bound.
Unable to get out before the floods waters moved in.

Bottom line ... those are houses.
Those are lives destroyed.
Nice looking little houses too.
The brother and his dog were saved.
Because his brother took to social media for help.

There are many stories more important than the dangerous clown.
How the general public gets captured by clown stories is crazy.
Alligators crossing the street in FL..
Spoiler alert: They left the lake or swampy area nearby.
Not rocket science.

Even in Raleigh there are still streets covered by water.
Not that the government hasn't tried to get them cleared.
Some of that water comes from rising creeks...
... that are not ready yet to crest.
That's why we call it a slow moving disaster.

I watched a show last night with my husband in our dry home..
..the flood warnings scrolled endlessly for areas near by and further away.

The Neuse River is forecast to crest at 28.8 feet and that's a moving target much like the river. The estimates keep going up and may top the previous high record. In many places this flooding is WORSE than Hurricane Floyd. But unless you watch TWC or have stories in your news feed on Twitter or a friend on Facebook posting damage pictures you probably don't know about it. Well, if you are here... you obviously do so please pass this blog and others like it around so the story gets out. The reason being people do not donate to the RED CROSS and other charitable groups if they are not aware of the death and destruction. No news = no $ for recovery .. food, supplies, etc.

Thankfully TWC is on the scene but they are preaching to the choir, but so grateful they are there and I do hope Cantore and Seidel get a long vacation after this as they have worked endlessly under negative conditions to bring the story into your homes.

To everyone covering this story: 

A screen shot of my phone is below.
That sweet beautiful girl is my daughter-in-law
That girl keeps me sane and smiling in ongoing talk all day.
God bless her! 

The people covering this storm... tweeting info.
They are awesome!!

Especially at a time when the main media ignores the story.

Actually there is more coverage on SNAPCHAT than on CNN.
Same goes for FOX so that's not a partisan comment.
They equally ignore the ongoing NEWS story.
To debate the debate... #nowords.

Hashtag Pathetic.

God Bless Social Media. Really.
God Bless Millenials they know how to cover a story.

All joking aside on their endless reviews of their newest gadgets online in real time they know how to share information and are more aware than most think of ongoing breaking news. Baby boomers raised on getting their news at 6:30 PM when Walter Cronkite was on nightly may not get Millenials live way of doing things nor their take charge and go get the news themselves attitude but they should. They have much in common as they are aware of the world, news, problems, goal and cause oriented and they are breaking new ground in how news is made and how news is shared. For those baby boomers still watching FOX and CNN I urge you to go online, try Youtube, download Snapchat or try alternative ways of getting the news unless you want to sit for the next month and watch FOX and CNN debate the debates endlessly. Most Millenials I know .. know who they are voting for and have known for months. My kids immediately in real time fact checked the lies at the debate and whatsapped them to me. Score one for the kids...

If you don't have Twitter... GET A TWITTER ACCOUNT. It's the easiest form of social media and you can hide there from relatives fighting over nonsense and no one crazy cousin gets upset if you don't "like" their latest selfie. Get an account and you don't even have to ever post. Just add who YOU want vs who your relatives and friends tell you to follow and like and have the news delivered to you in real time before it's sent to you as "Breaking News" by CNN in your @gmail or @aol or @yahoo account. Just do it! Add me @bobbistorm on Twitter. Twitter really is the easiest of all social media forms and you don't have to do anything after making the account other than check it when you want immediate news.  At your leisure you can read a stream of late breaking news both good and bad or follow your latest sports team, players, health experts... your Twitter Feed is every thing you want it to be. And Aunt Martha isn't going to be upset you didn't like the picture of her cat looking out the window. And you won't be forced to see what your crazy brother-in-law is posting. 

A TWITTER Post helped save that man's brother. Social media is no longer about stalking your high school girlfriend you lost touch with years ago when she moved cross country and changed her last name. It's about news, life and as much a part of our lives as going to the bathroom, flushing the toilet and washing our hands. It's as normal as praying for the little man on AOL to run faster and not stop while connecting to you AOL friends! (Come on we ALL prayed.. no atheists while waiting for that little AOL man to run..."

As for SNAPCHAT be sure you want to follow your daughter or grandson, just saying. You may wonder why he is driving in a hurricane or out partying with friends. Or you can just follow the news. I've heard TWC is big on SNAPCHAT. 

I still wonder if my Abrams relatives are related to her Abrams relatives.
After Hurricane Season I'll go back to Ancestry.
Maybe solve that Abrams mystery.

BobbiStorm's Botton Line:

It's a new world.. evolve with it. Social Media has done the best job getting the word out. Social media is doing a better job getting out the news than main stream media. And TWC is to be commended for covering the unfolding, ongoing, developing story of Hurricane Matthew and Inland Flooding in North Carolina.  

And if you are giving to charity remember Cuba, Haiti and every other place in the path of Matthew so give as you can. Every dollar helps when everyone is giving along with you.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter. Follow me.


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