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Sunday, July 31, 2016

97L Forecast to Get a Name... 70% Chances. Models Decide They Like It. 96L on Back on Shelf..

And the winner is.........
Invest 97L
For now, for sure.
It's cruising it's way through the Islands.
And the models suddenly love it.

Note the sharp incline down the road in intensity.

Visually it's not there yet.
But it does steal your attention.
That and the wave coming off of Africa next.
Note small little 96L in between.

But you can see from Dvorak below it's not so messy.

bd-animated.gif (720×480)

Where's 97L going?
West for now.
Possibly may pull north some later.
Much depends on Intensity.
IF 97L out performs the models..
...or hits the high end.
It will want to move more towards the poles.
And break away from it's ongoing Westward movement.

Again this is what 97L looks like with the contrast on.. 

I do think down the road 96L may have a future.
Just not today.
We may not be done with 96L .....
...time will tell.

And, shows the strength of the High that 97L is going West.
As it really wants to pull more to the North.

Nicest view of it right now is on this satellite 

I often point out the site

Ever play pirates?
X marks the spot.
97L has crossed into the Caribbean.

And going to  is like..
...a trip down to the Caribbean.
Or talking to your favorite cousin who lives down there.
They email you what happened and send pictures :)

Look around for yourself...
...for newest updates.

Doesn't that make you want to hop on a plane?
Tropical pictures during the Hurricane Season.

So stay tuned as models indicate Invest 97L becomes Earl.
Somewhere between Tropical Storm and Category 2 Hurricane.

Just remember currently it's still an Invest.
Not a named storm.

Y'all check back later.
I'm having a berry smoothie for breakfast here in FL.

Pacing myself for the big bridal shower later.
While I'm doing the whole Miami Beach Fancy Bridal Shower Thing.. has all the loops, models and maps.

Please read the previous post ...
...for my thoughts on Dave Schwartz and his passing.
It's not the same without him.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Hope he's in hurricane heaven entertaining Bill Gray.

For some of the old timers to cheer them up...


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