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Friday, March 18, 2016

Winter Swan Song on 1st Day of Spring. Mother Nature Has a Cruel Sense of Humor. Snow Forecasts.

Images like this are all over the web.

I liked this one.
Simple and clear cut.

After a moderate winter... 
...snow lovers are hoping for one last chance to dance with snow.

The Spring Equinox is almost here.
Yet winter has made a come back.
One last snowy, swan song.

That's it. Spring. 

Except that seems someone didn't get the memo...

Yes Virginia there is snow in the forecast.
Find a friend to cuddle with and stay warm this Spring..

Dogwood bloomed today near my house.

It was 85 the other day in Raleigh when I took this picture.

So what's it gonna be like here you wonder?

Chilly but no snow.

But they are telling people wait a little longer before you plant things.

Spring is inevitable .... 
So go out and play in the snow and say goodbye.
Because one way or another... 
We are moving closer and closer to 2016 Hurricane Season.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

According to Facebook I was raised in the 80s in California.. 
Really... makes sense, so logical ;)


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