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Monday, March 28, 2016

Windy NYC Cranes Locked Down. Pollen Blowing in the Wind in the South. Is Mar-A-Lago Really Hurricane Proof?

That's steady wind at 30 MPH.
Peak Gust 51 MPH. 

Down in Brooklyn....

Upstate New York... Crazy Wind on the Lakes

It's that time of year when it's neither here nor there... not winter, not really Spring even though we have sprung forward officially. It was 85 in Raleigh then it dipped back down to cold and damp. I wore leggings again on Saturday. I wore a yellow fluffy skirt so that the pollen wouldn't show too much. In Brooklyn my daughter's street has been evacuated as the high winds are taking down power lines and big trees. Cranes are locked down through the NYC.

When the wind blows these days NYC takes it really seriously.

Remember that wind art program I love so much?

Look how tight those lines are....

The system is blowing through....

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

A tree is going down near my daughters house.
They evacuated everyone on the block.

Imagine having the fire department come, knock on your door.
Inform you to get out NOW.

Not like a hurricane you plan for or even a Twister.
Seriously not the same damage.
But still weather brings trouble this time of year.

There are rumors that winter will have one more bang shortly.
Another cold system as winter hangs on into April.
Well to be fair winter did come late this year.
Stayed late as well. 
The season that came for dinner and stayed... 

In Raleigh the wind is making the white pear blossoms fall like snow.
White petals falling down, floating to earth.

Pollen Art abounds.

Pollen puddles after the rain.
Pollen surge drying in the sunshine.

We all have our problems. 
Soon we will be thinking on the Hurricane Season.
Rumor has it the GFS keeps spitting out an early season storm.
Do we really believe the GFS?

Long shot but worth watching.
Crown Weather does a great job staying on top of things...
...while most of us sleep or dream.

And if you think long shots don't happen....

In 1947 a Hurricane hit Palm Beach.

That picture made me wonder on Mar-A- Lago.

My mind works like that.
All those great pics of Mar-A-Lago with reporters posed by the water.
They really built beautiful mansions in the Roaring 20s in Florida :)
Mar-A-Largo was built from 1924 to 1927. 
Takes a while to build a place like that.
Built by Marjorie Merriweather Post.
Got to love a name with "weather" in it ;)

He says it's hurricane proof.
Nothing is hurricane proof.

The mangroves took a hit by Wilma.

He got lucky with Wilma. 
Wilma was not the 1947 Hurricane.

A category 4 hurricane. 
1949 brought a category 4 hurricane.

The street that had a lake in front of it after a hurricane.
Story in the link to the article above.

Lots of luck with that hurricane proof story.
The house may hold but it will be a mess.

Hurricanes happen.
Wind storms happen.
Pollen happens....

Hate to see that flag go flying in the wind.

Oddly a guy down the block has a bigger flag on a hurricane proof pole.
He plans on keeping it waving.

I can hear the sounds of the Star Spangled Banner playing in the wind.

Hurricane season is coming gang.
Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.
I'd say put the election on hold and look thru your hurricane supplies.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Storms like this are what songs are made of...

My daughter was told to evacuate her basement in Brooklyn.
A big tree is coming down and taking the power lines with it.
Fire truck arrived.

Hard to see there but the truck is going to cut power.
Deal with the tree.... the power...the wind.

New York these days is being very careful with high wind warnings.


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