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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planes, Pollen and System in the GOM

sat_ir_enh_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Let's start with the tropics.
I said a system not a tropical system.
Yet if this pattern persists.....
... we could have early GOM systems in the Hurricane Season.
A lot of moisture there moving towards Florida.

You have to look at the BIG PICTURE

Note that top left picture is as good as it gets.

Almost looks like Africa.
Graphics get better and better.
This is as close as soft core porn in the weather world.
Can't wait til the Hurricane Season..

Alas we are in pollen season still in the South.

Atlanta will be happy if they see some of that rain..
Covered in a yellow cloud of pollen Atlanta is praying for rain.
Rain washes away the pollen...for a day or two.

Seasonal smog of sorts from Mother Nature.
Focus on the azaleas and it will be gone soon.
Then Magnolias will begin to bloom....

Yesterday when I said the petals falling looked like snow.
Here's a picture from DC that shows the fallen petals in the pond.

It's been a funny day in aviation.
Woke up at 6 AM to the story of the Egyptian Air being hijacked.
They said it wasn't terrorism ... just personal!
An official was quoted as saying:

Can't make this stuff up.
They were released without anyone being harmed.
Seems he just wanted to his estranged partner.

Some people just never can say goodbye....

It does look bad for Egyptian Air as they lost an airplane to ISIS recently.
2 security problems in a row may make some in the airline industry worry.

In Raleigh a small plane landed on a major highway during rush hour.
No not terrorism. Oil leak... plane needed to land FAST.

It's beginning to feel like Florida here lately.
Maybe because of all the Floridians living here.
I see more GATOR license plates here than in Miami.
A while back we had a gold heist on the highway.
To be fair the robbers were connected to Miami....$48m-nc-gold-truck-robbery/1231101/

So that's my world of the weird thought of the day.

As for a beautiful picture... nothing beats the Northern Lights.

And there are storm chasers thinking on chasing storms soon.
Some rough severe weather going to be happening.

Check out Spaghetti Models to see where the storm chasers will be chasing.
And yes Mike is right the Gulf of Mexico is bubbling.

Wondering if there will be a 3rd weird plane story today.

Also wondering on that system in the GOM.

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Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. Yeah I'm back.


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