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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Difficulties of Turkey Point & Keeping Biscayne Bay Safe. Miami, Florida Keys. Hurricane Season or In Any Season. Progress Needs to Progress

To be fair this is a pic of people protesting FPL rate increases ...
...and nuclear energy.

But people in Miami are wondering these days.
How safe is Turkey Point?

From a pure, greedy money point of view...
This is not good for tourism South Florida...

A good quick primer on Turkey Point and it's possible problems.
Well they could be OUR possible problems.
Time will tell.

Remember please point #1 was "Do NOT Panic!"
Feel free to give the author your thoughts.

My direct concerns of course are hurricanes.
Granted it did okay-ish in 1992 when Andrew did a fly over.

There was some damage that was repaired and upgrades to the manuals. Not sure if most people are aware they were Turkey Point Nuclear Plant was without phone service, as was the FIRE PROTECTION service was out. Luckily there was one hand held radio device to communicate with the outside world and luckily they didn't need the fire protection service as the Category 5 Hurricane's winds knocked a high tower tank into the water tank holding the half a million gallon water tank to fight a fire out.
Well read the article. Here's the cliff notes.

Oh the pretty red and white lighthouse like towers were repaired.
While dealing with no electric, phone or water after Andrew...
You may not have realized how much damage there was down there.

Yeah.... basically we got lucky.
Who knew in the aftermath of Andrew how lucky we were.

I've never been a big fan of nuclear power plants.
I mean accidents do happen.

Luckily when the truck drove off of I-95 
And fell into Jose Marti Park.
The 100 plus school kids who are usually there weren't.
We got lucky.

See accidents happen.
I understand the value of cheap electricity. Really.
But a falling City of Miami Garbage Truck could kill a few people.
Or more... but they got lucky. 
The driver somehow survived but was charged..

If the ecosystem of the gin clear waters of Biscayne Bay are lost.
If the pools of water make their way into the Keys...
Fishing Industry.
Healthy water... 
Will cost a lot of money to .....
......truck in Fiji Water to all the of the Keys ya know..

The problem with progress is...........'s  a step in an ongoing process.
For some reason we progress and then get stuck there.
Back in the 1960s it sounded like a good idea.
In some places it is though everywhere is somewhere.
But putting it in Earthquake country or Hurricane Country..
Needs more precautions and you would think almost 60 years later..
We'd progress to something better.
Safer. Cheaper.

Once upon the time Sesame Street was a good idea.
Hey Fraggle Rock was a good idea once upon a time.
Kids today want their app.
My grandson watches Youtube at age 5.
He gets really annoyed when he can't find one he likes.
Barbie Dolls are for collectors and Grandmas who haven't got the memo.

Somewhere out there is another hurricane.
One that will slide in between El Ninos.
Everything that is great about Miami is Biscayne Bay.
And much of that area is a National Park. 
Seems its more than just a Miami problem.

Let's keep it safe.
In Flint they denied there was a problem.
They told people not to panic.
It's not the same but it might be a problem.
Let's hope for now we stay lucky.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Some great pictures.

Some great links with more information.
Key Largo History:

My column on March 8th concerning this problem.


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