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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Updated Tornadoes 2 Dead in Duette. 4 Children Hospitalized. Thousands Without Power in South Florida. Naples Gusts 84 MPH, Sarasota, Strong Severe Weather Moves Across South Florida.

Siesta Key damage

Power out in many places.

Houses gone. Destroyed.

And the line then moved across South Florida.

Massive Line. 

In the Miami - FLL - WPB area there are many without power.

It could have been way worse.

2 people have died.
4 children are in the hospital.
Others are in the hospital as well especially from Duette.

No that's not hurricane damage but tornado damage.

Tornadoes in Sarasota, Florida

A testy situation developed in the dead of night.
A strong squall line rushed through the Naples, Sarasota area last night.
Really those early morning hours but then the devil is in the details.
And the devil was working overtime last night.

At least 2 deaths confirmed.

This area worries more on storm surge from hurricanes than tornadoes.
That said tornadoes often form there as well as waterspouts.
Few are deadly.

Confirmed wind gusts of 84 MPH in Naples, FL.

Duette, FL is where 2 people will killed.
A child was taken to the hospital.
More details are coming in as it is a developing situation.....
..... as daybreak sheds light on the devastating damage.

The classic signature of severe weather and possible tornadoes is evident.

Note the squall line as I write this is bearing down on West Palm Beach.
Stuart and many other towns in its path.
All the way down to the Florida Keys.

Morning rain is something we have in FL in September.
Rarely happens in January...the dry season...

Snow is moving into the Carolinas.
If the snow makes it down to the ground in the Piedmont.
I woke up early to read on the snow.
Then I saw multiple text messages and my Twitter feed was ablaze...
...with reports of damage in the Naples, Sarasota... Florida area.

This is a developing situation.
These are just the sad highlights.

Yes the Marathon for today was cancelled.
There are bigger problems that that in SW Florida today.

They may have received a text message about the cancelled event.
They will soon learn the full extent of the damage.
And the reason why...

Speaking of why...
Anytime you have cold air diving down....
.... slamming into warm moist tropical air you have the potential for trouble.

Trouble happened last night in SW Florida.
The details the devil left behind will soon be evident.

Stay on top of the news if you live down that way.
And imagine the SE Coast of Florida is going to feel it soon.

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps Where I'm watching snow falling down, down...
...swirling around down.


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