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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Musing on Fog, Rainbows, Snow Possibilities & Still Watching the Loops While Listening to Music. Coughing... still

This morning's post is brought to you by a friend named Mendy Dechter.
He posted this incredible picture of a rainbow on Miami Beach.
It's not far from where I grew up and lived.
It resonates. I always feel like I am home about here on Collins Avenue.

I needed inspiration. I'm a bit under the weather ...

Thanks Mendy.
He runs for charity often and for the love of running I suppose.
I'm not a runner but I can relate.
Note living in South Florida makes for some of the most beautiful scenery...
...for runners, sailors and even people stuck in rush hour traffic.
That street crawls at 5 PM but hey what a view.

Mendy is the one with the beard in the small picture..
Duh ;)

He raises money for the Friendship Circle of Miami Beach and N Dade
Well he does more than raise money but this a plug for a great program.
Works with kids with special needs in a special, wonderful way!
Our family works with him often.
My son made a "Give Levi Meyer a Birthday Present . .  " Group on Facebook
He asked people to help them win $50,000 for his 30th birthday :)
And they did.. Levi has a lot of friends....

So the least I can do here is post his link for the Miami Run ..

You're wondering what this has to do with tropical weather?
After staring at Mendy's picture of a rainbow near my old house..
I missed Miami. I'm in NC now.. well probably be back in Miami soon.
It's cold, rainy and foggy.
Pretty in a foggy Stephen King Maine way.
NC has much in common with Maine..
...that's why he films here a lot. 

It is NOT Miami.
Note I do like the way the light looks through the feathery pines.
 A few last red leaves clinging to the Maple Tree.
But it's NOT Miami.

So I went online and drove up and down Collins Avenue for a while.
Watched the clouds build...

That's my street... isn't it pretty?
Even on Google you can watch the clouds build, change driving North.
Well, pretending to drive North.

I stopped at my favorite parking lot by the Eden Roc.
Watched meteors showers in college there.
Looked for a comet one night around 5 AM with friends.
Sat with my best friend Sharon on top of the car storm chasing..
...or storm watching.

That blue water turns gray, silver and frothy in a Tropical Storm.
You can walk down to the beach and feel the breeze before a hurricane.
It was a great place to go and watch, sit and talk.
The city owns it so they are not building there any time soon.
Just North of the Eden Roc.

Do NOT go when the Boat Show is in town. 

Nothing much to write about officially in the tropics today.

NHC hung up their "closed for the season sign"
Mike posted that on

Yet weather does go on in the tropics and other places.

You know "winter" when I start obsessing if I go to Miami next week ..
..I could miss snow in Carolina.

Not easy trying to balance out catching my favorite weather everywhere.

I'm not totally ignoring the tropics.
Always watching.
Nice convection down in the Caribbean.
Nice front moving towards Florida.
Sort of draped across Florida.
Why Tampa feels more like North Florida...
...and Miami feels more like the Caribbean.

hicbsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Note the fronts are moving.
Strong split jet due to El Nino.
Southern Jet busy bringing moisture.
The snow is still way up where it belongs this time of year.

So sitting here in Raleigh preparing for Chanukah.
I was down with a bad cold, virus, bug?
That coughing thing going around Raleigh....
Feeling a bit better today.
Haven't even taken cough syrup yet ;)

Sorry I was away but the season is over.
I'll write long on the 2015 Hurricane Season another time.
Saving my thoughts and my strength.

If you want to take a trip to Miami in winter.
Google 4600 Collins Avenue, 33140.

Go North or South it's all beautiful.

Or if you are too lazy...
.. this was actually my commute for several years.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Will I be there this month?
Not sure but I'll be there for the Avenue J Music Festival... 
Chabad of the Grove. Awesome event on the water in the winter...
If you live up north you might want to check out airfare..
(turn sound up, way up)

Wow.. what a line up...

Alex Clare. Wow.


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